Painting Problems in High Humidity, Hot Temperatures & More in Bridgehampton, NY

Temperature and humidity with interior and exterior paint jobs needs to be dealt with. You will need to take the type of paint into consideration too. When temperatures are above 45 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s best to using oil-based paints. Latex and acrylic paints will work better when temperatures get above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. To get the best results you need to read the paint can to choose the optimal working conditions. Manufacturers will put these recommendations on the can. Follow the instructions, they are there for a reason! Paint formulas are designed to be used with certain temperatures and humidity levels. Determine what the temperatures are going to be when you’re planning to paint before you buy the paint.

Does Paint Dry in Hot or Cold Weather?

Temperature can either increase or decrease drying time. Lower temperatures can make some paints get thicker and will cause a longer drying time. When paints are thicker and take longer to dry, the result can be sagging or running. This will leave you with uneven and ugly surfaces and you will then need to start all over again. This means more time and money and all because you didn’t take the time to read the manufacturer’s instructions. Suitable temperatures and humidity levels need to be present for paint to properly apply to the surface you’re painting. If it’s too cold, the paint might not adhere like it should and the paint job will look patchy and unsightly. If paint dries too fast, you can have bumps and wrinkles left behind. The surface will dry before the center and cause those bumps and wrinkles.

What Happens When You Paint in High Humidity?

When humidity levels are higher, the water vapor is increased in the air and on the surface painted. Water-based paints need a calculated ratio of water(solvent) to the pigment resin and additives. When there’s too much humidity it will add solvent to the paint. This will cause the paint to thin and affect the drying times. If you’re painting wood, then humidity is a problem because wood absorbs moisture from the air because it is porous. This will cause the paint to bubble and peel as it dries. If you’re dealing with low temperatures and high humidity outside then there will be condensation on the surface that can mar the paint finish. No one wants that.

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When you’re ready to start a painting project, make sure you monitor the temperature and humidity levels. This will allow you to avoid certain times of the day. The forecast will allow you to predict the best times to paint. Painting can get more difficult if you’re taking on a big project or you’re using different kinds of paint. It might just be a better idea to hire professional painters. Using them may cost more but will save you a lot of problems. Professionals work all year round and in any weather conditions. We also work with all kinds of paint and have an eye for identifying potential problems. We will adjust the paint job to get the best results. Save yourself the time and effort it takes to paint. Contact L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. to get your all-weather painting job done today!

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