Best Paint Colors for Creative Commercial Office Spaces in Quogue, NY

When you are running a business you want to make sure you are making money. That is the reason the business was set up and that means all aspects should be thought about. You want to offer a service or a product that entices consumers but without a helpful and efficient staff it will never work. That is why it is a great idea to put some thought into the office and the mood it might set for your employees. They want to come into work and feel ready to accomplish some tasks as well as make strides in their career. Studies have shown that the morale at an office can be greatly affected by the cleanliness and décor. You want to make sure all the equipment is functional and that the office is clean. The other aspect is what mood is being brought in by the décor and the colors. You can boost the spirit of your office with a simple change of paint color. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc outlines how paint colors can affect the mood in your commercial office space.

Calming Paint Colors for Office Staff Mental Health

If you are in an office that tends to be over stressful for the employees you want to find a way to add some level of calm. The calmness in an office can help to keep the staff busy while stopping them from being overly excited about any issues or problems. A calm feeling is a great way to start off any work day and allows them to leave feeling calm as well after what would have been a stressful day. The best colors to paint your office are blue and green. You want to go with a shade that is not too bright and not too dark. A nice light blue or green tends to bring nature in. These colors that  mimic the outdoors make people feel calm and serene.

Paint Colors to Excite the Workplace

If you have an office that tends to be dull and the work might be a bit boring you don’t want your employees sleeping on the job. There are some jobs that just have to be done but they can be mundane so it is a good idea to have color that will cause some excitement and energy. The colors that do this best are yellow, orange and even red. They are vibrant and cause you to feel stimulated and energized. This is a great addition to any office that you want to keep motivated.

Avoid Paint Colors that Cause Depression

You want to avoid making your staff feel depressed and studies have shown that if you choose a color that is too dark it can do just that. You want to stay away from colors that are so dark that is causes the space to appear smaller and the light to disappear. No matter what mood you want to bring in the space, light is a huge part of making any office feel open and welcoming.

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