Best Cool & Warm Gray Paint Colors & How Light Affects Them in Shelter Island, NY

Throughout the years trends change on a regular basis.  Poodle skirts, bell bottom jeans, neon clothing, fanny packs, perms, and more all have had their turn (or two) in the limelight of the fashion world.  You probably can look back at some of your old photos and see some of the trends that you have participated in throughout your life.  Paint colors also trend in society.  Recently the color gray is extremely popular.  The tricky thing with grey is that it is hard to pick the perfect gray for your home.  LW Winslow Painting, Inc has put together some tips for you on how to go about selecting the perfect grey for your house.

How to Pick a True Gray Paint Color

As you consider what shade of grey you want you will want to consider many different things.  The shape of your room, the amount of natural light, and the style of your home all go in to helping you make your decision.  First you will want to spend some time in your room really getting a feel for the many features in your room.  Every house has its own set of unique features that help determine the overall style.

How Does Light Affect Paint Color?

The first thing that you will want to consider is how much natural light your room gets.  Look in the room at different times of the day to help you get a feel for this.  If your home gets northern light it is getting extremely cool light.  This will cast a bluish hue to your paint color.  Southern light gives off a warm golden hue.  Your eastern and western light will change throughout the day.  Western light as warmer at sunset while eastern light is warmer at sunrise.

Warm & Cool Greige & Gray Paint Colors

When you start looking at paint swatches you will notice that grey paint colors have different undertones to them.  Some grey paint has a cool undertone while other colors have a warm undertone.  You will also see hints of purple, blue, green, brown, and yellow in the different grey shades of paint available.  If you place the grey swatches next to each other it can be easier to determine what kind of undertone the color has to it. 

Paint Sample Patches

Once you think that you have narrowed it down to a few grey colors that you like go and get some sample paint pots of each color.  There is nothing worse than painting your house just to decide you do not actually like the color once you are all the way done.  Get numerous paint samples and paint them on your wall.  Go into the room during all different times of day and see what color you like.  Paint colors have a crazy way of looking completely different in the morning than in the afternoon. 

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After you have put in all of the time and selected the perfect grey color for you home you are ready to start painting.  Give LW Winslow Painting a call and we can come out and get your home painted for you.  Our painters have vast experience and knowledge that will make your new paint job be just what you are hoping it will be!

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