How Often Should Vinyl Siding & Other House Surfaces Be Pressure Washed in Sag Harbor, NY?

Power washing is an efficient way of maintaining your home. Many painting specialists recommend that in maintaining your home, you should have the home’s exterior cleaned once a year and repainted approximately every seven years. Your home’s exterior is exposed to all of nature’s elements, which can cause damage to your home over time. Many ask if power washing is as essential as many claim it is? Today L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc would like to share why power washing is beneficial to your home.

Pressure Cleaning Decks, Sidewalks, Driveways & More

The outside of your home includes the walls or siding, the roof, and other exterior features such as the deck, gutters, pool deck, patios, walkway or driveway. Each surface may be made of wood, tile, concrete, metal, or fiberglass. Many materials are often used outside of your home and each are subject to contamination such as rust, algae, mold, and even animal waste. All have an effect on your home’s exterior. When having your home exterior power washed, the surface is cleaned and freed of these natural contaminants that can erode and damage the exterior of the home. Some surfaces can also have a protective agent applied which can help reduce the effects of future contamination. Power washing can help extend the life of the external material of the home which can help save premature repair and replacement.

Exterior Cleaning Boosts Curb Appeal

Not only can you extend the life of your home’s exterior surfaces, you can also improve and maintain curb side appeal. When a roof develops algae, moss, or lichens, it can make a roof look neglected. Algae or mold on your home siding also puts a negative aspect on your home’s appearance. There are some homeowners who are not too worried about their ‘s appearance. However, for many it does concern them, especially for those who live in HOA communities. However, with yearly power washing, your home can be easily and efficiently maintained while keeping a clean appearance.

DIY VS Professional Power Washing

Power washing services are also convenient. The homeowner doesn’t need to climb ladders to reach windows or walk around on top of their roofs to clean it themselves. Additionally, the homeowner doesn’t need to invest in power washing equipment to do it themselves. Instead, a power washing company can come with all of the needed equipment to clean any surface of your home. Power washing safely and properly requires experience. It is important to know what cleaning solutions to uses and what methods to clean each surface. All too often expensive damage occurs when a power washer is used incorrectly. Having a professional power cleaning service can ensure that your home is cleaned properly and is protected.

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Power washing should be done at least once a year and often before major exterior repainting. By having your home power washed yearly, you can help prevent erosion and other damage to your home as well as maintain a clean appearance. For quality power washing and painting services, contact L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc today.    

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