Best Paint Sheen & Finish for Your Painting Project in Water Mill, NY from Flat to High Gloss

Deciding on an interior painting project has many different aspects; picking the color scheme alone can be an overwhelming process. There are many considerations, such as going more traditional or modern, interior design preference, the colors of the existing flooring, accessories, furniture, and so on. Once you have finally committed to the colors, selecting the sheen is another important element that where it seems like a minuscule detail, it still plays a major role in the overall look of the room. Considering this fact, we at L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. would like to take the opportunity to discuss the basics of the different sheens and their optimal uses.

Paint Sheen Types

The types of available sheen include flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss. The more durable the sheen is and the simplest to clean, stems from how shiny the finish is. This is in reference to the amount of light the paint will reflect from off the surface is sheen. Understanding how you want the final outcome of the room to be and what the room is primarily used for should be the considerations involving the sheen option.

Oil & Latex Paint Finishes

The assortment of sheen is available for both oil and latex paints. Paint without any sheen is known as flat or matte paints. They absorb the light where the shiny finishes are the paints with semi-gloss or gloss sheen. Generally, the different types of sheen can be used throughout the course of the home, but some sheen can be more optimal in different rooms.

Paint Sheen Chart

1) Flat/Matte: Great for low traffic area, flat or matte sheen that leaves a subtle and smooth finish; ideal for concealing imperfections in the new construction and drywall repairs. Flat/matte sheen can be harder to clean in comparison and the cleansers often burnish the finish as it absorbs dirt.
2) Eggshell/Low Luster/Low-gloss: Much like an eggshell, this sheen has a smooth finish, optimal for low-traffic areas, though easier to clean than the flat sheens; it is perfect for smooth surfaces and resists stains and scuffs.
3) Satin: Withstanding light scrubbing for cleaning needs, satin sheen is suited for both exterior and interior use. An exceptional choice for active rooms, the finish is soft and elegant.
4) Semi-Gloss: With a simplistic cleaning nature, this sheen is great for high-traffic areas. Easily used for both interior and exterior areas, this sheen is a smooth sheen that reflects light. Though it offers a better resistance to moisture, it can have issues with sticking.
5) Gloss: Gloss is extremely smooth with high-shine. As it displays a very reflective and brilliant sheen, it cleans with ease. However, when painting with gloss, it requires a perfect canvas, and precise application as the imperfections can be easily seen if the surfaces are not smooth and dirty.

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