Should I Paint My Trim or Replace it in Shelter Island, NY? Casing & Baseboard Interior Design Tips

It is truly amazing what little alterations can do to enhance the aesthetics or completely change the dynamics of a room. With the incredible details that are involved to finish the style of the room, there are several improvements that can be made that are fairly simple. Simply refreshing the mold and trim work in any room with the same color paint or even altering the color can be a dramatic or a subtle change depending on your approach. With that in mind, we at L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc would like to take the opportunity to share some basics concerning painting your mold and trim work.

Casing & Baseboard Interior Design

To define the home’s style and architectural design, the molding and trim work is instrumental. When the molding and trim is dingy and scuffed, and the finish is chipped, faded, or tarnished, the molding that was supposed to maximize the overall style suddenly becomes the focal point, bringing down the whole room. With a fresh coat of paint alone, whether it is the same color or a new one, can bring back the trim, molding, and baseboards back to life. Between the crown molding, trim work around the doors and windows, along with the baseboards and other accessories such as chair rails for example can start to add up. When taking on the project, it is wise to commit to one room at a time.

Interior Trim Paint Color Ideas

Do not pick any random color if you are looking for a change, but consider the colors already established in the room; primary color, accent color, and even the colors of the accessories and furnishings. From there you can chose a color that fits in the color scheme or select a color already present to amplify it. Neutral colors are a safe choice if you are unsure, but bold colors can add sophistication in the right application, bright colors can make the room pop when done correctly, and pale colors are a subtle enhancement.

Paint Finish Trim for Baseboards

In addition to selecting an optimal color for your mold and trim, opting for the perfect sheen is essential. Consider that the baseboards, windows and door casings endure a lot of daily abuse and will show signs of wear rather quickly. The effects of high-gloss or semi-gloss can look exceptionally well and extend the longevity of the paint job not to mention the high level of binder and sheen increases the durability of the finish and makes them easier to clean.

Should I Paint My Trim or Replace it?

As you set on your project, you may start to notice the molding and trim need more tender love and care than a fresh coat. In some cases, simple repairs and maintenance is adequate but other situations may call for a replacement. Be sure to repair any noticeable dents and touchup minimally damaged wood trim and molding with a bit of sanding. If any of the molding was poorly installed and has extensive damage, replacing it would be the better option. When the molding and trim work gets some needed maintenance, the wear on the doors may also start to look more obvious. Doors are equally, if not more so, susceptible to the dents, dings and residue buildup. Painting the doors to match the molding or using them as the accent piece can add to a customized style.

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