Best Sensory Processing Disorder Interior Room Paint Colors for Autism etc in North Sea, NY

Children and adults alike can have certain diagnosis for sensory sensitivity and other medical conditions, such as autism, that includes sensory sensitivity as one of their symptoms.  In any case, for those with sensory sensitivity, in basic terms, processing sights, sounds, smells, and tastes can be challenging, and, in some cases, they can experience sensory overload that results in a meltdown of sorts.  Ensuring their daily environment is calming can help reduce the overload. In order to help, pleasing colors can better calm and soothe as the colors painted on the walls and the light bulbs used can impact their sensory sensitivity.  In a nutshell, leading specialists recommend neutral tones, like grays and tan along with greens and blues as well as pastels in the rooms and homes as well as avoiding intense and bright colors in addition to fluorescent lighting for those that that have sensory issues.  At this time, we at L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc would like to offer some tips and suggestions on interior painting with sensory sensitive individuals in mind in an effort to help make their environment more calming and peaceful. 

Blue & Green Paint Color Palettes

According to the research performed by experts, children with sensory sensitivity usually do better in rooms with muted tones of blue and green.   The reason being is that these colors have shorter wavelengths compared to brighter colors and therefore do not stimulate the brain as much as others do.   The softer hues of blue and green can help children sensory issues avoid the chaos that is created in the brain and have a more soothing atmosphere.  Ultimately, avoiding the bright colors can reduce the over stimulation and help kids with sensory sensitivity, as it also helps them better process their environment and recognize physical features, places and events.

Neutral Paint Colors

Artistic exploration seems to be a natural and fairly common attraction for kids that experience sensory sensitivity.  In the neutral environment, children will less likely have overstimulating effects and can more easily draw, paint, and craft.  Without the agitation of the influence of the room’s environment, the sensory overload will not get in the way of their artistic growth. 

Pastel Paint Color Scheme

There are several organizations that consists of occupational therapists that devote their time and expertise in order to help parents of sensory-sensitive children create a thriving home environment.   These specialists have found and encourage parents that their kid’s room should be painted in pales shades of pastel colors and to use dark shades on the windows.   Knowing the kids have a safety retreat they can get to when they experience sensory overload can help when they become overstimulated from other sources.   Additionally, experts found that better sleep habits and an inner peace for children in a sensory-friendly room of pastel colors is created. 

Avoid Bright Interior Paint Colors

As mentioned, it is important to avoid too many colors and brightly colored paint for kids with sensory disorders as well as fluorescent lights. With mainstream children, even they can experience eye irritation and headaches and those with sensory issues will experience that as well as the inability to focus and pay attention.  As common side effects, they can be easily overwhelmed and disoriented.  Consider a combination of natural light alternatives and LED lighting to improve their environment. 

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