Exterior House Painting to Protect Your Noyack, NY Wood Siding, Trim & More from Rain, Ice & Snow

Your skin provides a protective layer for your body. The paint on your home acts the same way. We take steps to care for our skin and we should do the same for the paint on our homes. Putting off an exterior painting project can be a dangerous thing to do. You start thinking about your exterior paint when your home starts to look less attractive. Other than the way your home looks, the paint provides other essential functions for your home and L.W Winslow Painting Inc. outlines them below.

Paint Protects Exterior Wood Siding & Trim

When the sun beats down on exposed wood directly, it can lead to drying and cracking, rot and heat loss. Exterior paint is designed to protect against this kind of damage. You can also protect your wood deck and railings the same way when you take advantage of deck painting services.

Exterior Paint Provides Protection from Rain & Snow

On top of sun protection, exterior paint also creates an essential barrier against humidity, rain, ice, and snow. Not to mention water from sprinkler systems.

Paint Repels Bugs & Insects

Wood-boring insects like carpenter bees and termites can cause damage. While paint can’t give you complete protection, it can do a lot to help.

Cost of Delaying Exterior House Painting

There are probably a lot of other home improvement projects you want to get to before painting the exterior of your home and the longer you go in between paint jobs the more money you’ll save, right? Wrong. It can actually end up costing you more. Here’s why. Everything has a limited lifespan, including paint. It will start to fail and create a chalky residue, hairline cracks, bubbles, and patches of peeling paint will appear. Now the job of repainting will become a bigger project to deal with. The paint will need to be removed before new paint can be applied. That means scraping, brushing and/or power washing. You may also need to have rot repaired and the new areas of wood will also need to be primed before new paint can be applied. This all means more labor and more money. All these problems can be avoided when you paint the exterior of your home before the paint begins to fail.

How Long Does Exterior Paint Last?

Exterior paint is designed to last 5 to 10 years, depending on the type of paint you use and the environment you live in. The wood trim on the house or siding is a different story. It will start to fade within 3 years. Exterior paints that will last the longest are high quality acrylic paints. Darker colors will absorb more sun and heat forcing you to repaint sooner. The better you prep the surface and the amount of money you spend on paint that matches your homes exterior can go a long way in lengthening the time it will last.

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A great exterior painting job can greatly improve a home’s curb appeal and protect your home. Contact L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. to get started today!

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