Challenging Interior Design Paint Colors in Wainscott, NY; Yellow, Green, Red & More

To breathe fresh air into any home or business, new paint jobs can be a great solution.  Within a room, the right colors can be bold and bright or demure and compliment the accents.  Though some may encourage you to avoid some colors altogether, they can still be remarkable in the right application.  Today, we at L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc would like to take the opportunity to help you with the tricky colors to paint the inside of your home. 

Painting with Yellow

Yellow is typically ideal to add into the scheme with accessories.  Experts recommended yellow and red on the walls in small doses.  However, these colors can be a bad idea in a bedroom since yellow is so bright and intense that it may not let you relax and be to be overpowering, similarly to red.

Green Interior Paint Made Simple

To get right, green is another one of the trickier colors.  Potentially looking somewhat tacky, green can be bright and fairly overpowering.  It can even remind people of being sick.  Since psychology of colors plays a major role in how you paint your home, it is in your better interest to keep this in mind when you paint any room in your home.

Painting Walls Red

For an accent wall, red can be a bold and fun color.  However, it can also be a fairly intense reaction that adds interest.  According to color psychology, the bedroom is no place for a bright red color.  Safety or a feeling of calm is not felt in the bedroom should, particularly since red is associated with anger and even violence. 

Using White Paint for Interior Walls

In every space, white walls can be a sleek and clean.  It is also important to consider how white walls may become dirty easily, however.  It is best to avoid whit paint in the bathroom. It may be best to stay away from white and instead light blues, light greens, or even soft grays can be perfect choices, due to soap stains among other stains that may occur in a bathroom. 

Pink Painting Ideas

Being almost soothing, pink is soft and feminine.  However, it can potentially be overpowering and of too muddy or dark making it appear dirty.

Shades of Brown Paint

If used correctly, brown can be wonderful paint colors. Unfortunately, in various hues it can look dark and dirty, particularly in rooms such as bathrooms or the living room.   Additionally, brown can seemingly make a room look smaller.  To add color and still keep your home’s value up, colors like light gray, green, blue or even beige is a great way.

Does Interior Paint Increase Home Value?

In order to feel good and at home it is not only important to avoid certain paint colors, but to ensure the right hue is used in a color scheme in the right lighting.  If you are planning to move, you need to attract buyers as well.  Buyers are usually turned off by bold colors.  To impress buyers, paint instead with neutral colors and avoid the potential hazards.

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