How to Get Marks Off Walls Without Removing Latex or Oil Based Paint in Spring, NY

When you finally find that perfect color for the walls in your home, you want to do everything you can to preserve the color. You don’t want to have to paint them again for a long time. There are some steps that can be taken in order to preserve the paint on the walls of your home, and that is cleaning them. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc is here to talk about how to clean the walls of your home without damaging the paint in the process.

How to Remove Dust from Painted Walls

It is easy to notice the dust accumulating on the furniture in your home, but did you know that dust also accumulates on your walls? When your walls are covered in dust, they start to look dingy and you may not even notice it. Warm soapy water is the best way to clean your walls. You can remove dust from your walls by simply wiping them down with a wet rag or sponge. Don’t use a coarse sponge or scrub brush, or it will damage your paint. You should also avoid using any sponges or rags that are colored to keep them from leaving your walls slightly colored.

How to Clean Latex Paint Walls

There are a couple of safe choices available to you to help you avoid damaging the latex paint on your walls. You can use warm soapy water, or you can use vinegar. When you decide to use vinegar, mix 1 cup vinegar in with a bucket of warm water to get the job done. Stay away from cleaners that are harsh and will pull the paint off of your walls. If you find that vinegar and water or soap detergent are not doing the trick, you may have to paint over the marks left behind.

Cleaning Oil Based Paint

Oil-based paints are generally harder than latex paints, and because of this, it is safe for you to use a mild degreaser when cleaning them. This should be used with the soapy water or vinegar and water mixture used to get rid of those hard to erase marks on latex paint. You should make sure you are using a mild degreaser and always follow the directions on the packaging. When cleaning your walls painted with oil-based paint, you should also avoid using coarse sponges and scrub brushes to avoid damaging the paint.

Exterior House Washing Solution

When you are washing exterior walls, it is a little different than the walls inside your home. You should use your hose to wet the walls before you get started. Because the exterior walls of your home have to endure a lot more weather, they are more susceptible to mold and mildew. For this reason, they should be cleaned with a bleach and water solution to eliminate the problem. You only need to add one cup bleach to five gallons of water. Use a soft scrub brush to gently remove it after you have allowed your solution to sit on the surface for about 15 minutes.

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If you have marks that you are unable to clean off your walls, or you have damaged your walls while cleaning them, L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc can help solve your problem. We offer interior and exterior painting to leave your walls crisp and clean. Call us today!

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