Choosing & Painting Feng Shui Color Elements in Living Rooms, Kitchens & More in East Hampton, NY

Painting your home or business with the different interior design themes is fairly common, but a new trend stems from choosing specific paint colors based on concepts rather than designs. We are talking about feng shui paint colors and incorporating them in your painting home or business project. With that in mind, we at L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc would like to cover the basics of feng shui.

Feng Shui Elements

When utilizing feng shui colors it starts by using the five elements that include Earth, Fire, Metal, Water and Wood. The elements provide specific energies that can inspire productive or destructive cycles and from there, will develop the overall look you are hoping for. Utilizing the feng shui can really help homes and business starved for light on the interiors, as they are implemented to extend the vibrancy of light energy.

Feng Shui Paint Colors

The simplest way to bring more harmony into your home is to understand and apply the elements of Feng Shu and each of these elements represent specific colors.
Wood: Green and Brown
Water: Blue and Black
Metal: White and Gray
Fire: Red, Purple, Pink, Orange, and Bold Yellow,
Earth: Light Yellow, Light Brown, and Sandy-Earthy Tones

How to Use Feng Shui Bagua

The most optimal way to start to strengthen the color and balance the energy is to start with the basics with feng shui painting, because it is complex. For starters, the right placement of feng shui colors is being defined by the bagua, which is the feng shui energy map of your space. To begin this process, analyze the south feng shui bagua area. The south feng shui bagua, or better translated as the Light, or Fire Within, area is connected to your fame and reputation energy. Not only is fame and reputation connected to this, but so is the image you project towards others and how well you are able to maintain your own Light, or identity and personal values. To incorporate the south feng shui bagua area, the best colors used should be strong yellow, and orange, along with red, purple, pink. In addition to strong bagua, the fire energy strong is important as well and thus avoiding blues and blacks, or the water energy, in this area is essential as it will produce a destructive cycle in the south feng shui bagua area of your space.

Feng Shui Paint Colors for Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Kitchens & More

Below you will find a quick guide to easily utilize feng shui paint colors in your home:
1) In the east feng shui bagua area of your home, improving health and balancing family is done by using greens.
2) In the north bagua area, in an effort to support the energy of your career growth, blue is an optimal feng shui choice. To water and nourish the wood feng shui element, the east, for health and family along with the southeast, wealth and money, blue, black, green, and brown are ideal.
3) For happy gatherings and good times, the south feng shui bagua area should be filled with a strong yellow color.
4) To bring supportive energy for all your creative endeavors, the west feng shui bagua area, creativity and children, pure white is ideal.

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We at L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc hopes this helps you get started embodying feng shui paint colors in your home and when you have the right composition set, give us a call to apply the paint colors efficiently in your home.

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