Is Painting Interior & Exterior Brick Surfaces a Good Idea in Amagansett, NY? Pros & Cons

Over time, brick can become a major eyesore whether it is inside your home or outside. Bricks can be found all throughout a home. Interior brick is often used for fireplaces while exterior brick can be used on the outside walls as well as patios or walkways. When the decision is made to repaint brick that may look weathered down, there are a few considerations before you start painting your brick. Sometimes a paint job on brick can look really nice and sometimes it can turn out to be a disaster. To avoid any major disasters, L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc will share what there is to know about painting brick.

Should I Paint the Brick on My House?

First off, should I paint my unsightly brick? This question should take some thought before jumping into a painting project. Brick is a sturdy material and as stated, is often used all around a home. Most brick is made with dyes and are used to give it color. When the brick is laid, no color is added to the brick. Because dyes are added to the brick during processing, brick typically isn’t designed to be painted. However, for those who do decide to paint their brick, you need to plan on repainting your brick every 3 to 5 years.

Pros of Painting Brick; Improves Appearance, Helps Seal & Strengthen

Additionally, the quality or type of brick found in your home should be another determining factor as to whether or not to paint it. When brick is in poor condition, such as molding, chipping, or deteriorating, this is considered a good candidate for repainting. Most bricks have tiny holes or pores which are the reason why eventually brick may begin to break or wear down. When this occurs, you can help strengthen the brick, along with improving it’s over all look, by painting it. However, because brick is extremely porous paint will begin to chip off the brick in a short few years. This is why you will need to repaint brick every three to five years. Of course when the painting project doesn’t go to plan it can be difficult to remove all off the paint which leads us to the cons of painting brick.

Cons of Painting Brick; Poor Preparation & Application, Paint Can Be Hard to Remove

Most poor brick paint projects are due to poor preparation or the painter rushed the process. New brick should never be painted until it is at least a year old because brick can hold in moisture for that first year and the paint can crack and chip away faster. To prep the brick you will first want to clean the brick off. After washing the brick down, give the brick a full 24 hours before you begin to paint it. When cleaning the brick, never uses any acidic cleaners. After the brick is dry you will also want to apply water repellent before painting. If any mold or fungus is present, also treat during the cleaning process to prevent future problems.

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Choosing the right type of paint is important. Even for interior brick, use an exterior paint so that the brick can breathe better. There is masonry paint that is designed for painting stone or brick materials. They usually come with a primer and conditioner, which steps should never be skipped. Once the primer and conditioner has been applied and had time to dry, you can begin painting your brick. Painting the exterior brick of your home often needs to be done eventually. Due to the bricks exposure, interior brick, especially those around the fireplace, often needs paint to help match the home’s color palette and for a beautiful finish. If you need help painting brick in your home, call the professionals. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc is ready to help your home or business with all your painting needs. Contact us today!

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