Professional Interior Wall Preparation & Painting Tips for Beginners in The Hamptons, NY

There are many times when a painting protect doesn’t quite turn out like you had imagined. When a painting project doesn’t come out as expected, it can be both frustrating and a financial loss. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc would like to share a few tips to help your next painting project so as not to have one of these kinds of endings.

Interior Painting Color Tips & Techniques

Tip 1. Avoid & Cover Lap Marks When Painting
Depending on the type of paint, you may have noticed in the past that your wall has unsightly overlap marks. This happens when the person applying the paint does the wall in sections, typically middle to bottom. They then later fill in the high areas when they get a ladder or step stool to reach those areas. If the lower part dries before you paint the top half of the wall then you will get this overlapping effect. To avoid overlap marks on your wall when you paint, start from the top of the wall using an extension pole and roll all the way down. Your painting pattern should be from top to bottom and then side to side.
Tip 2. Pour All of the Paint into a Five Gallon Bucket
If you are painting a large area and require two or more gallons of paint, buy a five gallon bucket and lid at any hardware store. Mix all of the same colored paint together. Sometimes, even though you may have gotten all the paint at the same, you’ll find the color doesn’t always match exactly. To prevent having an area slightly off, mix all the paint together to create one palette so you don’t have to worry about some of the paint being off one from another. If you use this trick we recommend you use a paint grid. It is like a painting tray but one you can have in a five gallon bucket.
Tip 3. Wash & Clean Walls before Painting
Before you begin painting any room, it is a wise idea to wash the wall of all the dust, grease, dirt, and any other residue that may be on the walls. You can use a damp cloth to clean most residues from off the wall. Some stains may need soapy water. If so, make sure you wipe the wall down afterward with straight water to help get all the soap off the wall. It important to make sure the walls are clean before painting. The dirt can get mixed with the paint and make your fresh coat of paint look dirty and tacky.
Tip 4. Have Painting Tools & Accessories Ready
You will want to make sure to use and have all the proper tools ready for those quick clean ups or repairs. You don’t want to allow the paint to dry in the areas needing repair. This again will cause overlapping marks on your wall. We also recommend using a canvas or drop cloth instead of plastic. Plastic moves around easily and often you make a bigger mess than the one you were trying to prevent. Also use a utility knife to cut the edge of the wall and your painter’s tape that is used to protect your edges. By cutting the edge of the tape and the wall it will prevent the paint from peeling or stripping away when the tape is removed.

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L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. hopes these few tips will help prevent any mishap and give your next painting project a satisfactory finish. If you need assistance in painting your home, contact L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc today!

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