Choosing the Best White Interior Wall & Ceiling Paint Color & Finish in Sagaponack, NY

There’s nothing like freshly painted walls in a home to make a huge impact. White paint seems to be the choice of many designers. There seems to be a sense of fear when it comes to picking a shade of white paint. It can be down-right intimidating. Deciding to paint a room white isn’t as easy as you think it will be. You’ll be surprised at how many shades of white there are when you get to the store! White paint shades include pearl, cream, snow, ivory, chalk, jasmine and bone to name a few. Then add a hint of gray, peach, beige, yellow or rose and you’ve changed the color again. The closer you look and the longer you stand there will have you more confused than you thought you could be!

How to Pick the Right White Paint for Your Home

1. Consider other elements in the room. You need to decide how the paint you choose will affect all the other elements in the room. You may want paint the ceiling, the molding and/or trim. You will need to know that everything will look different once the room has been painted.
2. Start with paint chips. Get as many paint samples as you want and remember, paint will always look different in the store than it will in your home. You don’t need testers yet, but grab chips of each of the shades you’re thinking you might like.
3. Narrow down your white paint choices. Now you can hang your picks on the wall. Leave them on the wall for at least a day so you can see how the paint will look throughout the day, in the morning, at night, during a sunny day or a cloudy day. Make sure to move the chips around the room too.
4. Narrow your paint choices further. Now you can head back to the store. It’s time to buy a tester or testers. If they don’t have them, then buy a quart of each one you’re considering. Paint as large an area as you can on the wall to get the best idea of what it will look like. Look at it for a full day and under all the condition you did in in the previous step.
5. It’s time to paint. You’ve made your choice, now go for it! If you’re painting the entire room, then use matte or eggshell finish for the walls and satin or semigloss for the trim. Different finishes will provide contrast. You can also go with flat on the ceiling and semi- or high gloss on the walls for a different look.

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When it comes to picking any color of paint you may have doubts. Your eye may tell you something is off, or you look at it and it pleases you. In the end, it will be your eye and your comfort level, but if you don’t want to make yourself crazy, consider a color consultation form L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. Give us a call today to schedule and appointment!

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