Small or Modern Creative & Energetic Study Room Area Paint Color Ideas in Sag Harbor, NY

The environment has an impact on studying. Whether you have little ones in primary or secondary education grades, or even college studiers, having a designated place where you get the reading and homework done without stress and distractions is the ultimate goal. A cluttered messy room can make it hard to concentrate but a place where it is tidy, organized and influencing calm and peace can boost productivity. With that in mind, we at L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc would like to share some options that the study area can be painted to promote an optimal place of studying in New York home now that a fresh school year or semester is beginning.

Blue Paint Color; Creative & Productive

Blue is soothing and most find it beautiful. By aiding concentration, blue also stimulates productivity; making this a perfect option for the study area in your home. If the study area also is the bedroom, blue promotes the relaxation, making it work for both needs. Avoid shades of blue that tend to lead to drowsiness however, as you do not the studiers to slip off to dreamland while doing homework. Blues with energetic tones, such as teal or turquoise might be the better option or use a bright blue as an accent and stick with neutrals for the rest of the walls.

Relaxing & Calming Green Paint Colors

The study area can feel restful, as green has similar effects of blue. With the right shade of green, you can boost concentration and energize, such as a mossy green. Larger rooms might do well with an accent lime green wall and neutral colors to stimulate the senses for study time.

Yellow Paint Color; Happy & Energetic

A sunshine or lemon yellow is a very energizing color, which maintains the energy and freshness people can use for long hours of studying. If the space is small, avoid bright yellows or if the bedroom is the study area. Consider a pale, soft yellow or even as an accent using pale purple surrounding walls. Bolder yellows should also be used as an accent to avoid the overwhelming saturation.

Paint Colors to Avoid in Study Areas

Overstimulating and Stressful Red Paint Colors: Red is one of the top colors you should avoid the study area, especially if the study area is also the bedroom. Red pen marks on an essay or red traffic lights often produce feelings of stress. If the red family is among your favorites, either go a dark maroon red or a pale pink to reduce the stressful impact other red tones can have.
Distracting and Chaotic Orange Paint Colors: Orange is otherwise a very beautiful color, but it is not ideal for the study area. The color is associated with hazards or dangers like construction sites and is identified distracting color; not a great choice for study time. Yellow, close to orange, or light pale oranges is the alternatives but do not overdue the orange if you insist.

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Additionally, experts encourage the study area to be tidy and organized and don’t be afraid to personalize the space. If you need help painting the study area or any other home in New York, call L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc and let our specialists do the rest.

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