Color Wheel Personality & Mood Theory & Meanings; Paint Color Psychology & Therapy

Have you ever wondered what the color of paint you choose says about your personality? Gravitating to certain hues speaks more about your personality than you might realize. Just as the color could suggest personality traits, the painted shades in your home or office can influence moods and emotions. Our colored walls have a greater impact on our lives than we may have supposed.

L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. would like to offer a brief background on color psychology and personality.

Soft and Warm Color Paint Shades: Varieties of oranges and yellows, light shades of peaches and pinks are frequently associated with the sun, sunrises and sunsets along with roaring fires. People who seem to better appreciate these colors, so much so, that they paint their homes interior in these colors, suggest a very warm, cheerful, and welcoming personality. They are often loving and nurturing and are extraordinarily friendly. Because of the symbolizing of these shades, we naturally feel more intimate with the spring-like room. The radiant colors these shades naturally project often lends to a happy, energized personality.
Cool, Soft Color Paint Hues: The pale medium levels of purples, greens and blues are in parallel to the sky or bodies of water, suggesting the personality is soothing and tranquil. Those who are drawn to these colors might also be an introvert, which is not a bad thing. Our society has brained washed the masses into believing being thought of as an introvert is terrible thing. It so isn’t! Check out the literature floating around and you will see why being labeled an introvert is actually a cool thing. The colors are often painted in the home for your oasis and place of calm and security. To avoid a cold feeling, however, try applying the warm hues, including brown, to either home decorating, furniture or even a little accents to bring some warmth in. Cool tones can make a room feel smaller so use lighter cools to deter the feeling of being enclosed.
Jeweled Paint Tones: Relating to emeralds, rubies, sapphire, amethyst and topaz; these colors are dazzling, much like the folks drawn to them. People attracted to these shades would easily fit in with Royalty and Hollywood, having striking personalities that are outgoing, confident and creative. Thriving on stimulation, they adore a home filled with inspiration. The vibrate jeweled colors are brilliant at minimizing flaws, they can really play up a boring and generic structure, and make it feel unique and lively. Contribute in playing up the homey feel in smaller rooms and create intimacy.
Neutral Paint Colors: Colors like ivory, beige, gray, granite and brown are timeless classics that impress permanence. Personalities drawn to these colors are practical and don’t depend on change to make life exciting. These folks are down to earth and are likely to be more responsible people. Though these neutral colors can influence calm and peaceful states, they are often picked on for being boring. Having accented walls to break up the neutrality of the room, can enhance the timeless beauty and elegance. Painting a room these colors will also be good for the “show” room, where you like to exhibit your shiny and exciting pieces of art, or that enormous big screen TV.

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Painting your home the perfect colors can be overwhelming. Just combine the colors of your personality and accent them with colors that can influence your mood accordingly. L. W. Winslow Painting, Inc. has the trained professional that can paint your home quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to discuss your next project!

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