Did you Know you can Buy Adjustable, Custom Screens for your Windows & Doors in Westhampton, New York

There are lots of choices when looking for ways to cover a window. You can use blinds and shutters, drapes and screens. One of the best choices that you can make is to have screens put up on the outside of the windows. Many homes already have screens and most of the time you don’t think about them. You should take time to inspect them and check for any repairs that need to be done.

L.W. Winslow Painting has some advice on screens for your doors and windows.

Why should you use screens on your windows? When you are deciding on screens for you home there are different options to choose from. Each of the types offer benefits that are unique to them. One of the benefits is that when you have a screen on a door or window you are able to open the window and door to let in the fresh air while still keeping the bugs and insects out. When the weather is nice and the air is cool it is a good time to let the air flow through the home and clear out the allergens and stale air that is left over from having your home closed up during the winter or the summer. You also can save money on your energy bill with a screen added to the windows and doors. The screen comes in types that will help to reflect the sun away from the house and stop it from entering a home. When you do this the sunlight will not have the opportunity to heat up a room and in turn cause the air conditioning unit to run more often.

What window screen options are there? When you are looking into having your screens replaced or added to your home you can choose from many different options. One of the options is a mesh that can be color matched to your home. This can make the appeal of them much nicer. You can also choose a more standard choice that is black and will blend into the color that most windows already give off. Another great choice is for privacy. There are meshes that will allow you to see out of your home but people on the outside won’t be able to see in.

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If you are ready to have screens added to your home or you are in need of screen repairs, call L.W Winslow Painting today!

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