Contrast Color Accent Wall & Modern Painted Stencil Home Décor Ideas in Westhampton NY

When you move into a home, you are probably getting whatever plain boring monotone color scheme the home was painted previously to attract the most buyers. The great thing about this color palette is that you can look at it and imagine just about anything that you want on the walls. It will also not limit the furniture and decorations that you intend to bring in. Once you have had a chance to imagine what colors you want, you have to decide where to put what color to make the room feel like you and your style. One of the coolest and best ways to add another level of sophistication and style is to add an accent wall or a painted stencil feature painted in your home.

L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. has what an accent wall and stenciled wall is and how it can add some fun to your room.

What is an Accent Wall Color: Many people think that once you pick a color that the entire room needs to be painted that color. That is just not true! One thing you can do to add dimension and style to a room is to find a color that goes well with the main color that you have chosen and paint a single wall in the room that secondary color. This color can be another version of that color or something totally different. It will just depend on the amount of creativity and pizzazz you want to put in. You may be willing to have a more drastic contrast if you are in a bedroom rather than in a living area that many people will be spending time in. The accent wall color can also help to tie in other elements of the room such as drapes, throw pillows and large pieces of furniture.

What is a Painted Stenciled Wall: This is another way to add some flavor to a room and is a step up from a standard accent wall. The stenciled technique has grown in popularity and more and more people are choosing to accent the wall with a stencil. A stenciled wall is exactly what it sounds like. You take a main color that you choose for the background paint color and lay over a stencil which can be any pattern that you choose. Then another layer of darker or lighter paint is applied to add interest and contrast. This is a great way to bring the focus of the room to a main space and have an element of fun as well.

If you are interested in updating your walls with an accent wall or stenciled accent wall, call L.W. Winslow Painting a call in Amagansett, East Hampton, Southampton, Wainscott, Bridgehampton, Montauk, Sag Harbor, Shelter Island, Watermill, Westhampton & The Hamptons New York today!

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