Most Predicted Interior Paint Color Trends in 2016; Best Purples, Blues, Greens & Neutrals

When the time comes for new colors adorning our walls in the interior of our homes, we are often attracted to certain shades. Sometimes we dazzle visitors with our brilliance but other times, we receive “the look” and a quick subject change. Though our homes are a safe haven away from the popularity contests and a place we can be ourselves, sometimes keeping up with the current trends help emanate a modern feel. The year has only just begun, so it’s hard to say what hues will take the United States by storm this year.

L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. wants to give a head start on what experts are predicting will be the stylish paint color trends this year.

1. Purple Paint Color Schemes. When purple comes to mind, many associate it with a child’s room or bathroom; or young adult at best. But when executed right, you can amplify elegance and allure. For example, a bold lilac warm tone, accented with a cool tone of gray or blue, will achieve that right look.
– A softer shade of lilac is still more comforting, but not quite as potent as a deeper lilac color if you prefer the pale side of colors. With softer lilacs, a sense of calm is applied.
– Amethyst, or a light lavender color is being seen as a new color trend as well. It’s a more luscious shade of purple that presents romance.
– Dark, deep aubergine is being presented for those being more adventurous. This is a rich shade of purple, that looks very chic in a bathroom or entrance hall, study room or library.
2. Blue Paint Color Ideas. The milky shades of blues are expected to be popular among the trends. The blues that were the style had strong, glossy attributes, but the milkier tones are going to take over to recreate the strikingly faded blues found in older European homes.
– Parma gray is extraordinary. Though gray is in the title, it’s a delightful pale blue shade with just a hint of lavender. It has a calming and serene feel. This grayish blue color can be utilized nearly everywhere in your home.
– Ocean blue is just a bit brighter than the grayish blue color for those preferring a warmer hue. Teamed with pale yellows or oranges, this blue is going to be an exceptional trend.
– Dark iris blue is geared for those that are more magnetized to the navy blues. Being that it is near the color of navy blue, it is considered neutral and any accent colors will be flattering.
– Dark teal is a perfect shade of blue that really compliments the rich wooden features in your home along with white accents. It is bound to be a popular and beautiful trend this year.
3. Neutral Interior Paint Colors. Making its way back into the cycle of styles, neutral colors accented with vibrant jewel colors from the 1950’s are expected to resurface. Neutral pallets never seem to be forgotten, but adding the dazzle of bright jeweled hues will amplify any room.
– Powder pinks that soften and romance in a warm tone, paired with metallic tones or gray and teal can really add sophistication to any room.
– A pale yellow with just a hint of green can be flattering, trendy and unique. It works well with any color counterparts.
– Whites will never die. A classic clean feel, white can be charming with any color of furniture centerpieces. Utilizing the creamy variations to a subtle hue, the colors found in the white bases will always trend.
4. Best Green Paint Colors. Finally, the experts predict a deep, bold green will adorn the walls in homes. An army green for example, will be a refined style. Accenting the room with neutral furnishings and accessories, you can’t go wrong.

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