Drywall Repair & Replacement For Mold Damaged Walls in Watermill NY

When hear the gossip and rumors of mold infestations creeping in business structures or a friend’s residence, you naturally cringe and pray that you were not affected by the dangerous spores that assault your nasal passages and lung cavities. Folks with respiratory issues are particular reluctant to visit an establishment where mold was once present. And if you have ever been the victim of a mold outbreak, you know that it is no easy thing to contend with.

For those learning about the consequences of mold, L.W. Winslow Painting Inc. would like to inform you of some facts, prevention and tips if your home or business has succumbed to a mold infestation.

Water Mold Facts

1. What Does Mold Need to Grow. A place where it can gather nutrients, favorable temperatures, moisture and oxygen. The nutrients mold devours are found in dead organic materials, such as wood, paper and fabrics. Mold can also thrive from the nutrients found in synthetic products like adhesives and paints. Mold also depends on water, however, there are many mold species that can collect the water from the air in humid climates. Room temperature is optimal, but mold can generally grow in temperatures between 40 F to 100 F. Anything below 40 degrees is too cold and typically anything over 100 degrees is too hot.
2. How do Mold Spores Grow in the House? Mold spores are often bread and nurtured on dead matter. For example, mold could be developing on a pile leaves, which then either travels into a building from the airflow of an HVAC system, or carried on by animal or person. Then it clings to a prosperous area to overtake in the interior of a building. Sometimes, the circumstances that produce mold can also happen with a structure, and often in places where it is not easily discovered until it has gotten out of control.
3. Mold Exposure Systems. Mold does not affect everyone in the same manner. People with asthmatic tendencies, or who have the genetic makeup to be susceptible to allergies will typically become ill with the mold spores. Unfortunately, the study of various types of mold species and the influences it has on people and animals. It is a safe bet to stay clear of any direct or constant contact due to the fact that it does regard everyone differently. Studies also have not been able to indicate how much exposure of time and dosage is harmful to humans. There are known cases of ailments relating to mold conditions.

Mold Prevention Tips

– No matter the climates or weather conditions normal to your area, the most important thing to do is to keep things dry.
– Vent out all areas that have daily water activity. Exhaust fans or opening windows while showering or bathing, cooking or dishwasher is running, and the laundry room need to be monitored and kept as dry as possible. Ensure all appliances, such as gas appliances an clothes dryers are properly vented outside.
– If you have high humidity conditions, invest in a hygrometer to monitor the humidity levels inside your home. If it should exceed 55% in warm weather run the air conditioner at a lower temperature or the dehumidifier. In cold weather, the humidity levels should not rise above 30%.
– Always make sure to fix any leaky fixtures, appliances, or pipes promptly. Immediately tend to any excessive flooding on your floors.

Mold Prevention Tips

If you discover mold, it is more prudent to hire a professional. The experts at L.W. Winslow Painting are not only the leading authority on exterior and interior painting services, but we are masterfully trained in the field of mold and how to properly and efficiently remove and dispose of molded materials. We will replace existing damaged drywall with Greenboard or cement board to not only repair the damage but to help prevent future water damage and mold growth. After installing new sheetrock, we proceed to spackle, prime and paint to match the existing surrounds.

Call us today in Amagansett, East Hampton, Southampton, Wainscott, Bridgehampton, Montauk, Sag Harbor, Shelter Island, Watermill, Westhampton & The Hamptons New York if you have a mold infestation growing in your home or business.

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