Differences Between Pressure & Power Washing in The Hamptons, NY; Heat & Force of Water Better Suited to Cleaning Different Exterior Surfaces

Power washing and pressure washing may appear to mean the same thing and the terms are used interchangeably. They are both very effective at cleaning and removing tough dirt, stains, salt and other debris from many surfaces and objects but the one big difference between the two means one is better than the other in specific situations. The one big difference that makes power washing the better choice for some applications is HEAT.

Power Washing VS Pressure Washing

Power washing is done with a steady and powerful stream of hot water. It is the temperature of the water that is key in allowing the power washing equipment to work the way it should. Items can be dislodged when the pressure gauge is set to specific settings, like gum on sidewalks or other surfaces easily. This hot water will also kill moss and weeds along with getting rid of mildew and mold that builds up on surfaces where there’s a lot of gunk that needs to be removed. The power washer is the better option. Having the hot water allows for a more efficient and effective deep clean compared with unheated water. Pressure washing differs in that it relies on the force of the water instead of the temperature. Pressure washers are great at getting the dirt off surfaces like walls, sidewalks, decks and patios. Pressure washing is common when washing masonry and it’s very effective in cleaning concrete, brick and cinder block construction. Pressure washing is the best option when there isn’t any mold or ground-in dirt to deal with. Pressure washing can be enough for smaller areas like driveways decks and other areas around the house. Larger areas will benefit with the use of a power washer because it’s fast and cheap and provides higher quality results.

Purchasing a Power Washer or a Pressure Washer

It is easy to confuse these two washing methods should you decide to buy one. They both use high-pressure streams of water in the cleaning process. The best way to remember the difference is that power washing doesn’t typically use cold water and pressure washing doesn’t typically use hot. They are both similar enough that they are both referred to as pressure washers. For this reason, today, power washers are called hot water pressure washers. The prices will vary depending on the size of machine with the ones you’ll typically use at home being more affordable and the larger ones, meant for industrial use, costing quite a bit more. If you choose to purchase one of these machines you should read the instruction manual to completely understand how it works. These manuals will tell you how to adjust the water pressure depending on what you’re cleaning and the temperature settings that are best for all sorts of substances and surfaces. If you aren’t careful you can damage the surface your trying to clean.

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To wrap things up, with a pressure washer, you only deal with pressurized water, but with a power washer you are only using hot water at high pressure. Do you need to have a surface cleaned at your home? Large and hard to clean areas in particular will benefit from contacting the professionals at L.W. Winslow Painting but people call us for many reasons ranging from not having the time or inclination to experience and ability. Call us to schedule an appointment for a consultation today!

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