How to Prepare a Room for Painting in Amagansett, NY; Use Floor Protection, Clean & Wash Walls, Apply Painters Tape & More

For homeowners that are looking for a change in their home without breaking the bank often turn to painting. You can get dramatic results without making drastic changes to the house. A fresh coat of paint can brighten any space and give it the facelift you are looking for. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc is here to share some tips to help you prepare your room for painting.

Remove Furniture from the Room Before Painting

The first thing you want to do to prepare for painting is to clear out the room. Remove all the furniture that can possibly get out of the space. If you cannot remove it all, put the furniture you can’t remove in the center of the room and cover it completely. Any artwork or photography on the walls needs to be removed as well. Don’t leave any décor on walls.

Floor Protection When Painting

Just because you have decided you want to change the color of your walls, doesn’t mean you want to change your flooring as well. If you are planning to keep your flooring, make sure it is completely covered before you start painting. Use a heavy duty plastic to offer your flooring the protection it needs.

Clean & Wash Walls Before Painting

When there is fine dust or even dirt and debris on your walls, the paint is unable to adhere to the wall properly. Your painting will be more durable and longer lasting when you clean the walls of your room before painting it. A solution of warm water and mild detergent will get the job done.

Painting Around Light Switches is a Bad Idea

It may be tempting to try painting around the switch plates and outlet covers when you paint a room. When you do this, it is likely you will get a small amount of paint on the covers and the final look will not be as crisp. Remove these before painting for a clean, crisp paint job.

Apply Painters Tape Before Painting

Taping a room in preparation for paint can be a tedious process. As tedious as it may seem, it is important in getting clean lines when painting. When taping the edges of the room, make sure the tape isn’t touching the walls that are getting painted. When you remove the tape that is on the wall, there will be spots where the old paint is. The tape will keep your trim protected while allowing you to paint right up to the edge to completely get rid of the old color.

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There is a lot that goes into preparing a room for painting. It takes time and patience to get the job done correctly. If you find that you don’t have the time or patience, let a professional painting company like L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc handle the job for you. We will do the job quickly and with the upmost care to leave your room crisp and flawless. Call us today!

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