DIY Power Washer Mistakes in Quogue, NY; Using Plain Water, Too Much Pressure & More

Power washing is becoming a very popular routine service among homeowners and commercial establishments; its benefits are endless. It is a very effective method to clean the surfaces of the surrounding exteriors. Some people see the efficiency in power washing and without considering what is involved, will rent the power washing equipment and set out to take care of their project. When it comes to power washing, people that have not been trained don’t realize that there are specific techniques, cleaners, and equipment settings particularly for each type of material surfaces. Unfortunately, when the power washing equipment is misused damage to these surfaces is the result. Considering that, we at LW Winslow Painting would like to take the opportunity to relate mistakes commonly made during DIY power washing.

DIY Power Washing Problems

The list of exterior surfaces suitable for power washing is virtually endless. To get the maximum level of clean, homeowners and commercial business owners utilize professional power washing. Unfortunately, in an effort to try and save funds, many turn to rental units and there are too many instances where DIY projects results in damage instead of the cleaned surfaces. With experience for safe execution, as well as one part science and one part skills, pressure washing techniques are performed. When the DIY pressure cleaning tasks lack the three essentials, the mistakes that are often made are listed below.
1) Using Concentrated Water. We hear all too often that people use straight water in power washers. The cleaning quality is significantly reduced without proper ratio of water and cleaning solution. To compensate for the loss, people often then use too much pressure. Instead of washing the mold spores, the plain water will feed them, causing the spores to blossom as well as not getting a very efficient clean.
2) Inappropriate Cleaning Procedure. Your cleaning efforts are essentially worthless when the procedure is not completed appropriately. Not only is the cleaning insufficient, but the cost of the rental, solution purchased, and time spent is all down the drain. For example, the sparkling windows will take a bath in dirt and grimy residues if you first wash them and then power wash afterwards. Professionals are trained and educated on the proper procedure to reach optimal cleanliness.
3) Too Much Pressure. Inexperienced people will apply too much pressure, which is by far the most common mistake applied when it comes to do-it-yourself pressure washing projects. It is easy to underestimate the power of a jet of water with many first-time attempts, which will result in carving strips out of wood decking, or etching lines into the home’s siding. All require specific measurements of pressure, the different types of materials; wood, concrete, glass, and so on. Utilizing the correct pressure settings on the different types of surfaces without causing damage, professionals are trained to perform the services.

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To avoid problems evolving around DIY pressure cleaning, it is well worth the investment to use the professional services, in the end you save time, money, and spare yourself the expense of repairing damage. If your home or business is need of professional power washing services, call in the experts of L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc.

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