Should I Paint or Whitewash the Exterior Brick on My House in Noyack, NY?

There are many types of materials that are used to build a home. The differences are one way to tell what style your home is and when it might have been built. There are homes that are studs and stucco while others have brick and there are some that have siding. The type of material not only tells what time period your home was built but can also be common in the area that you live. One of the best things about home building is that these materials can be used together to give the home a unique look and give it some great characteristics. Many fireplaces were built around a large brick structure while other homes were built with the brick all together. Some people are extremely happy with the look of natural brick but others want to keep the brick but find a way to paint it to make a statement.

L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc Outlines Ways You Can Use Paint to Cover Your Exterior Brick

Whitewashing Brick: If you are one of the people that love the look of the brick and the texture that it brings with it then covering it with solid paint might not be the best option. Just because you love the brick does not mean that you don’t want a change and there is an option in between the brick and full paint coverage. You can use a whitewash to cover the brick while still enjoying it. The whitewash can be painted over the brick and it will leave a grey or white transparent color. The whitewash is almost a translucent paint that leaves exposure to what is beneath it. You can still see and enjoy the texture and character of the brick.
Base Color Chemistry: If you have a home that uses brick with other materials then you can use paint to help create a base for your home. The color of the brick can prevent you from choosing certain colors for the rest of your home such as the trim work. The brick can actually act as a base for the rest of the house. The best way to accomplish this is to choose a color that you will have your brick painted. The brick will be painted over but you still get the texture the brick will offer. This then leaves you open to choosing colors for the rest of the house that you might not have been able to before.
Painting Brick Super Bright White: One of the most common ways to treat your brick surface is to choose a super bright white paint. This gives you a canvas to create whatever look you want in your home or around it. It is also a way to open up the area and the space to look larger.

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