How to Refinish Cabinets with Paint or Stain in North Sea, NY; Remove Hinges & Hardware First!

Cabinets can be found in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. These are rooms that are exposed to regular moisture and humidity. Both elements take their toll on cabinets, which is why cabinets often need refinishing. Refinishing cabinets can easily become a chaotic project and one that will take quite some time. To help maintain order during your refinishing project, L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc will share a few tips to ensure a smooth and cleaner project.

Best Paint for Refinishing Cabinets

When refinishing cabinets, the main focus is the new stain or paint color. Most stain types work well on cabinets. However, if you’re deciding to repaint your cabinets you will want to choose the right type of paint. For cabinets, many professionals recommend Alkyd Enamel based paint such as Benjamin “Advance” or even Sherwin- Williams “Pro Classic.” Alkyd Enamel based paints both protect cabinets and provide a smooth finish. When choosing to use paint make sure to pick a flat color as glossy paint on cabinets look awful in most cases. Additionally, also take in the rest of color in the kitchen or bathroom and make sure the paint color matches the rest of the room’s theme.

Remove Hinges & Hardware When Painting & Staining Cabinets

Make sure to remove all hardware including the knobs, handles and hinges. So many people leave them on in the attempt to work around them. However in the end in just looks sloppy and hardware often gets covered in stain or paint which makes for an awful outcome. For a cleaner result, remove all of the hardware. Additionally, while the hardware is off this will be a good time to give them a soak in a cleaning solution. Depending on what your hardware was exposed to may dictate how you clean them. For example, kitchen hardware is exposed to cooking oil and grease which encases your hardware. You may also want to organize your hardware to ensure they are returned to the proper piece.

Empty Cabinets Before Refinishing

You will need to empty all of your cabinets. This part can get very chaotic, so make sure to take your time to orderly put your cabinet items in boxes. You may still need to use certain items. Therefore, you may want to use a bin or something similar for easy access such as cooking ware and utensils.

Cabinet Refacing & Refinishing Supplies

Next you will want to make a list of items you’re going to need to refinish your cabinets. If you’re planning on doing your own refinishing, it is highly recommended to get an electric sander and plenty of sandpaper for both the sander and by hand. You will find some areas a little tight for the sander to reach. Additionally, make sure to get masking tape, paint brushes for the primer and the paint or stain. Each uses their own type of brush. Don’t forget rollers and drop cloths. When you’re refinishing your cabinets, you will first need to use a stripper. Once your cabinets have been stripped, you can sand them. After you have sanded them, you will want to prime and then paint the wood. If you’re staining instead, primers aren’t often needed.

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Refinishing cabinets can be a long and difficult task for those who’ve never done refinishing or have limited experience. For best results, nothing beats a professional. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc provides many services including cabinet refinishing. To schedule our many services contact L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc today!

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