Do I Need to Prime Before Painting Walls & Wood in Hampton Bays, NY? Benefits of Priming

When painting interior and exterior walls, cabinets, and even furniture, primer is essential. Too many people will skip the primer and begin painting the surface. However, this is a common mistake that many people do when painting. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc would like to share why primer is so important and also why professional painters use primers.

Using a Primer Results in a Better Paint Finish

When you first prime the walls, the entire paint job turns out better. The paint adheres to the wall much better and the paint spreads more evenly. Paints that have an under layer of primer also do not peel away as the paint ages. Additionally, the primer helps to protect the surface from moisture damage, such as drywall and wood. However, not all surfaces require a primer. Nevertheless, when repainting cabinets, walls and wooden surfaces, they often do better with a primer. For those who do their own painting, if you want a professional paint job, always use a primer first.

Primer Helps Cover Dark Paint on Walls

You may want to repaint over a darker color to help lighten up a room. When painting over a darker color, often the dark color will bleed through and throw off the new color completely. To prevent the darker color ruining your future paint job, first apply a primer. The primer helps to cover the darker colors and provides you with a clean and blank slate to paint on. Again, the primer helps the new paint adhere better and cover the dark color.

Primer & Paint for Wood

When painting over wood and you don’t want the wood grain to come through, professionals will use a primer first. For that solid clean look, a primer is essential. It provides a layer that completely covers over the wood grains and knots. When painting wood, the first step is to prime the wood and then follow up with the paint for a cleaner and smoother finish.

Primer and Paint in One

You will find that there is a primer and paint that advertises one easy step. Many people will skip priming their walls when using a primer and paint in one mixture. However, this is a mistake. A primer and paint in one actually doesn’t contain any primer. It is just basically a thicker paint. Paint and primer combinations are recommended for painting over a lighter or same color paint but should be used as the very first coat. Walls, wood and cabinets that have never been painted before should use a quality primer applied before painting. The primer will help protect the surface from water damage and more. There are many benefits to priming the wall first that you won’t get with a primer and paint in one mixture. If you want to do the job right, make sure the very first coat is the primer, followed by the paint.

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Professionals will always use a primer to ensure their work and the quality as well as the longevity of the paint. If you are doing your own painting or are seeking a professional service, never avoid the primer. It is a worthwhile investment and will help protect your home inside and out. For quality painting service and more, contact L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc and schedule our services today.

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