Painting Over Water Stains on Wood, Drywall Texture & Paint in East Hampton, NY

Water stains can be commonplace, whether they are from leaking rooftops or plumbing issues.  Where these eyesores can be troubling for many homeowners to tolerate, most look for solutions.  The first step is to repair the source of the water stain, whether it is roof or plumbing repairs.  After that step, painting is actually a very effective option to cover up those unsightly looking water stains on the walls or ceiling.  Before you dive in however, there are a few details you should know beforehand that we at L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc would like to share today.

Wood Filler & Repairs Before Painting

Due to deteriorated caulk, the water stains near or around windows and doors may emerge quickly, and/or if the wood is decayed or faulty in addition to other potential problems with the window or door itself, these must be addressed.  Professionals can inspect and identify any problems and make the proper repairs or replacements before you set out to paint.

Correct Source of Water Stains First

As mentioned, before you set out to the painting stage, ensure the source of the water stains are repaired.  The water stains will just continue to develop over the coating of paint should the issues be left unrepaired, or the repair is of poor quality.   The repainting cycle will only continue without ensuring the repairs done first. If you are not capable, a professional roof or contractor or plumber can get the repairs done easy enough. You likely have a leaky pipe that will need repairs in the event the water stains are along a wall where there are water pipes for an appliance or fixture.  Again, a plumber can assess, detect, and repair any plumbing problems.

Dry Brown & Other Water Stains

Once the repairs are complete, and any evidence of moisture is fully dry, as well as the plaster or drywall is ready for paint, you can begin, but do not attempt to paint until everything is dry and ready.  To expedite the drying process, you can use towels to dry any standing water and implement dehumidifiers. 

Get Rid of Mold from Water Leak

Any mold, if you find any that indicates long-term leaks, will need to be effectively killed or removed. You can avoid mold killers that are toxic and eliminating risking harm and ensure the mold is efficiently wiped out with mold remediation experts as well.   The section may need to be replaced if the mold is severe, which can be identified by a pro.   Long-term exposure to mold not only accelerates the deterioration of the materials it is growing on, but it can be a serious health risk.

How to Paint Over Water Stains on Walls

With the area completely dry, all repairs made, and potential mold areas taken care of, the painting can begin.   Take the time prime the surface with a stain-blocking primer, otherwise you will see the water stain through the paint.   You should repaint the entire the surface, not just the local area, even if you have the exact color match.   Blending in any patchwork is a challenge, even for the pros, so to ensure it looks smooth, and clean, be prepared to paint the whole wall or ceiling.

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