Faux Finishes for Walls in Montauk, NY; Venetian Plaster, Color Wash & Other Faux Painting Ideas

Are you tired of wallpapered or painted walls in your home? Many homeowners often find themselves bored with the typical wallpaper or painted look in their home and often wonder how they can change the look of the home with something different. For homeowners who are seeking unique ways to redesign their home walls and ceilings, there are a number of faux paint finishes that can create amazing new looks in the home. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc will share the different faux paint finishes and how they can transform the entire home.

Faux Finish Painting Techniques

There are a wide range of different faux finishes that use plaster, staining, and painting techniques to create unique finishes within the home. Most modern faux finishes require two processes: the glazing and plastering. When deciding to have a professional service come into your home to put up a faux finish, it is important to know faux finishes take time but are well worth the investment. However, depending on the type of faux finish a homeowner wants in their home, time and cost can vary. Following are some of the most popular faux finishes.

Marbleizing: Marbleizing is a faux marble finish that makes the wall look and feel like real marble. Marbleizing uses either plaster or glaze techniques which can vary between professionals.

Graining: Graining is essentially a faux wooden finish that mimics exotic to finer hard woods. Graining is great for rustic designs. Graining mimics the look and texture of real wood and looks simply amazing.

Trompe I’oeil: Trompe I’oeil is a fresh term, simply meaning “trick the eye.” It is most popular for ceilings. Trompe I’oeil is also a realistic mural. Trompe I’oeil often are murals of clouds or other objects that help enhance the building’s architectural designs and details.

Venetian Plaster: Venetian Plaster is a smooth surface with a flat or shiny finish. However, it appears textured and often resembles stones, such as marble or stone. Venetian plaster faux finishes can come in a variety or color and textures and most often looks very good when glazed.

Color Wash: Color is a free form finish and typically uses a single color with a variety of hues or shades that are blended together. Color wash faux finishes adds a unique painted option that makes the home look more interesting while fitting modern or contemporary themes.

Strie: Another French term meaning” stripe or streak.” Strie puts a textured finish that has streaks going down the walls. Strie often resembles linen or denim material and uses two shades of the same color to create the illusion.

Rag Painting: Rag paining uses a unique roller or rag to paint the walls, creating a unique texture and pattern on the wall. Rag painting often require the walls to be painted with a solid coat followed with a second coat using a rag or a rag roller to create the texture.

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There are many benefits of using a faux finish in your home. It creates a fresh and unique look to the home. You can find a variety of faux finishes that will enhance any theme or interior design of the home. If you want to change up the look of your home and want something other than painted or wallpapered walls, consider having one of these amazing faux finishes. For quality faux finishes, painting and more! Contact L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc and schedule our services today.

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