Paint Color Combinations; Painting Walls Different Colors in One North Haven, NY Room

When deciding to repaint a room or the interior of the home, many people will use one single color. Using one single color isn’t bad. However, it also can make your home feel less interesting or eventually become boring to you and you will wish for a change. Where there isn’t anything wrong with a single color, it does tend to lead to a few problems. There are a lot of benefits of using more than one color pallet, L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc will share the benefits of multiple color palettes in a home.

Paint Undertones in Interior Design

First, there are a few common problems when using a single color palette. To begin with, it is actually impossible to find a true neutral color. As many people will say grays, browns and whites are neutral colors, they actually range from cool to warm color tones. Finding the right undertone can be complex as warm and cool colors affect the appearance of the color. Another common problem is that color changes with the light. You can use the same color throughout the entire home, yet the color will appear different in each area due to the light. The floor and ceiling color also contributes to slight color changes. Those who want the same color, you might find the home will appear different color shades of the same color.

Advantages of Painting with Multiple Colors

When using multiple colors properly, you will want to find color palettes that complement each other. When using more than one color, you can eliminate many problems of a single color palette along with achieving many other benefits. One benefit of using a multiple colored palette is creating a theme to a room without the need for an elaborate mural. Using colors such as blue, teal, and sandy brown make people automatically think of the beach and ocean. Vibrant greens, blues and grays creates a rustic feeling like you are in the mountains. When using the right colors, you can personalize any space. For large open floor planned style homes, you can also define each space and room simply with different color paints. You can use subtle changes or even dramatic changes in the paint color quite easily in open floor style homes. However, for those who don’t want a lot of different colors but still want more than just one, accent color can be used to highlight certain features in the home. Some examples are highlighting a wall with a fireplace. Using an accent color can help make fireplaces pop and look more dramatic. Archways and architectural features can also have accent colors to bring more attention to those features.

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When painting a home, don’t feel bound to a single color, especially in open floor plan style homes which are becoming more and more popular. You can use different colors as long as the colors work well with each other. You can find a ton of examples of multiple colors being used in a home and how it can help enhance the look of the home. If you need help painting your home and want advice or professional painting services, contact L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc today.

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