Help Protect Your Home from UV Rays, Dirt, Pests & More with Screens on Windows & Doors in The Hamptons, NY

Windows are a great way to add some natural light to a room in your home. They are also great to open and allow some fresh air to flow into the house to deal with stale air. One of the problems with windows is that they can sometimes let too much light in and that can cause a fluctuation in the temperature of your home. Another problem is that once they are open, anything is welcome to float, fly or crawl in. One of the great ways to stop these problems is to have a beautiful screen added to the windows and the doors. The doors will be hung with a screen and secondary door to hinges on the wall. The windows will also have a frame that the screen is attached to, then filled with the screen that you have chosen. You don’t have to go with a standard black screen any longer. There are now more options available that you can have installed in your home. They can help match the outdoor décor of the home or make a statement.

L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. Lists the Benefits to Having New Screens Installed On Your Windows & Doors

Screen Materials Block Harmful UV Rays: The natural light that comes from a window opens up a house and allows it to feel more welcoming. It can brighten up a day and help to save energy by not needing to use the lights in the home. One of the problems that people come across with an exposed window is sun damage. Sun is not just a problem for skin but it can be an issue for your carpets and flooring around that particular area. If a patch of carpet is set in a spot of sun too long it can start to fade in that area. One way to stop any sun spots on walls and carpet is to have a screen installed on your windows. This will help to block the sun rays that can be causing damage.
Mesh Screens Block Out Debris & Pests: There are many reasons that cracking a window in your home is a good idea. You may want to open a window on a beautiful day, after you burn your dinner or to freshen up stale air. These are all reasons that someone would love to open some windows in their home. One of the biggest problems is that an open and exposed window is just that; it’s open. Now anything and everything that is outside can easily make its way in. You can end up with leaves, dirt, dust and even pests in your home that you will then have to deal with. A screen on these open windows still allows the air to come in but stops the debris and pests from gaining access.
Screens Increase Curb Appeal: A screen on the windows can add a beautiful look to your home. Having a nice clean and uniform covering on all the windows is a draw for many home buyers. Screens can also be colored and that allows the home to show off a little more of your personality. You can have the screens cleaned easily with a low pressure washer.

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