How to Paint New Colors on Baseboard, Molding & Trim Without Brush Marks After Installing in Westhampton, NY

Most people think they are taking a risk by changing the color of a room or hanging some wallpaper or using a bold color on an accent wall. These are all perfect ways to make a change to a room and even show off some of your own style as well. The often overlooked fifth wall of a room is the ceiling. Many people assume since the majority of people have a white ceiling that is the only way to go. That is just not true and using color on a ceiling is a great way to add a feeling to a room. The color will continue the eye around the room instead of causing an abrupt stop. This makes the room feel more finished and complete. That is a bit of information about painting the interior of a room that you may not have realized. Another area that is often overlooked by many homeowners is the baseboards and the trim. Look around your home or your friend’s homes and you will notice that the trim and baseboards are almost always a gloss white. That is the general and most used color but that can be pretty boring when you think about the other possibilities. You can make a huge impact in a room by changing the color of your baseboard, molding and trim.

L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. Lists Some Ideas for Baseboard & Trim Colors As Well As Tips on How To Paint Them

Wall & Trim Color Combinations: When you start to look at a room and want to go forward with painting the trim and baseboard, you are now stuck trying to come up with the right color. The great thing about a room is that you can use a bright or even dark color to trim the entire room. If you have clean white walls you might choose a bright yellow to use as the accent. This adds some fun and brightness to the room. For a modern room that has wallpaper accents of grays on the wall, a black or grey trim is a great way to show off sophistication. The best way to choose a color is to look around the room and determine what color would accent the décor and design of the room. Don’t play it safe. Rather go for a bold look. You can always hire a color consultant that has vast knowledge of color combinations that will work.
How To Paint Baseboard & Trim: The problem with taking on painting your own baseboard and trim is that it is extremely delicate and painstaking process. There is a lot of preparation including taping and careful covering to make sure that the paint cuts all the way in but not so far that the paint gets on the wall. You will need to tape the top and bottom of the entire room as well as use a drop cloth to secure the area that is being painted. The best thing to do is to hire a professional painter after you have made the decision to change the color of your baseboards and trim!

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