Improve the Look of Your Bridgehampton, NY Home With New Interior Paint; Wall & Ceiling Preparation & Painting Tips

If you want to drastically change the interior look of your home without spending very much money, consider painting the inside of your home an entirely different color than what it is now. New paint can brighten up any room and improve the look and feel of your entire home. The best way to paint the interior of your home is to hire a professional to get the job done right. Save your time and energy by hiring the professional painting services of L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc to make the inside of your home look new again. It is important to know that there are certain steps to take to prepare your home for new paint that will make the process go much smoother and quicker.

Wall Preparation: Remove as Much Furniture as Possible from the Rooms You are Painting

One way to make the painter’s job much easier and the job get done much faster is to remove as much furniture as possible from the rooms that you are having painted. Furniture can get in the way and also be at risk of getting paint on it as well, so it is best that you take the time to move all furniture, or as much as possible out of the room that is being painted to ensure a professional and beautiful paint job on the walls of that room. Also remove any pictures, mirrors, window treatments, or other items that could be easily knocked over, painted on or broken. This will ensure the best possible painting job.

Clean & Wash Your Walls & Ceilings Before They are Painted

If there is a layer of dirt or dust on the surface of your walls, then the paint will not stick well to your wall and result in a very poor paint job result. Use a light detergent to wash the surfaces of your walls, especially areas that are touched often, these usually include walls that are close to doorways, handles and other areas that hands would touch normally. Be sure to get the entire detergent residue off of your walls before paint as well. Wash doors, trim and baseboards as best you can and allow them to fully dry before painting begins. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc will transform the look of any room in your home with new paint.

Do Your Best to Remove Crayon, Marker or Pen Stains from Walls Before Painting

If you have small children, then you are familiar with the occasional art work that can be seen throughout the home on your walls. While paper and canvas are the traditional surfaces to create art on, kids seem to gravitate towards a bigger platform, like your walls. Take the time to remove any of their artwork before painting begins. If crayon, marker or pen is left behind, the new paint will find it harder to stick to the surface of your wall, sometimes they may even show through the new paint over time if they are not properly cleaned off of your walls.

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