Process of Painting Weathered Wood in Wainscott, NY; Paint Preparation, Sanding, Brushing, Pressure Washing, Caulking & Exterior House Painting

There is that old shed, or detached garage, or some kind of little wooden structure in the backyard that has seen better days. You decide whether or not the weathered wood is worth preserving. The structure can be ideal for a perfect work space, or a storage shed, or even an over the top playhouse for the kids. The bottom line, even weathered old wood can be made to look stunning again.

L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc would like to share some tips on saving the old wooden structure in the backyard with the perfect treatment and fresh paint.

1. Painting Prep Work. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to work. Even a 130 year old barn can be given a youthful facelift. Older wood needs a little more TLC. In the case that wood is exceptionally old, removing the old flaky paint is better done with an old fashion scraper. If the paint is fairly old, keep in mind it could contain lead and caution is advised. If the wood is damp and decaying and soft, it is known as wet rot, and if the wood is brittle and dry, it is known as dry rot. As you remove the paint, take note of the wet rot or dry rot, these sections will need to be removed, and replaced with wood plug. Larger areas may have to be completely removed and replaced with sections of lap siding. If any wood is exceedingly cracked, warped or twisted, they too should be replaced.
2. Sanding & Brushing. After you have finished with scraping the old wood off, and replacing the overly damaged wood, you will need to begin the next gruesome task of sanding and brushing. An electric sander might make your work easier, and you will need a wire brush. With your tools the loose fibers can make easy work of them, along with any old paint left behind. Do not skip this sanding, as the roughing up of the wood, and removing the junk will help improve the longevity of your outdoor structure.
3. Pressure Wash Exterior Surfaces. Using a pressure nozzle attachment, wash the exterior down to remove dirt, mud, sanding shavings, and other debris. The cleaner the better. Scrub with a brush in the areas that are a little more stubborn.
4. Caulk Application. Caulk can prevent water seepage. Apply where it looks necessary. Use a high quality acrylic caulk and apply it to corner joints, seams and trims around doors and windows. Not only can caulk help protect the wood, the overall look well help sharpen the appearance.
5. Prime it & Paint it. Don’t skip the primer. Primer helps protect the wood, and to enhance the paint. Oil based primer is recommended with two applications, as well as two coats of exterior paint.

Exterior Preparation, Pressure Washing & Painting in Amagansett, East Hampton, Southampton, Wainscott, Bridgehampton, Montauk, Sag Harbor, Shelter Island, Watermill, Westhampton & The Hamptons New York

If you so desire to eliminate the ”DIY” project out the equation of rejuvenating that old structure in the backyard, call L.W. Winslow Painting Inc. Our experienced professionals can get it looking vibrant and new again in no time!

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