Kitchen Cabinet & Design Trends in Montauk, NY; Mixing Silver & Gold Metals with Matte Black Paint & More

Thinking about updating your kitchen and not sure where to start? A fresh coat of paint is a great way to breathe new life into your home by providing your space with a brand new, updated appearance. The choices are endless, from a bold shot of color, to blending in one or two new shades of paint to create interest, to adding design accents including subway tile, or mixing metals to create a casual cosmopolitan touch to your space.
L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc outline some of the hottest kitchen design trends for your kitchen in 2017.

Mixing & Matching White & Gray Scale Kitchen Walls & Cabinets

Both white and natural wood continue to be popular choices for kitchen cabinets and flooring in 2017. Varying shades of gray have become popular in the last couple of years and provide a neutral tone that is both sleek and sophisticated, especially when combined with white or black countertops. Gray cabinetry for example provides a subtle background that will allow your accent colors to really stand out and become the focal point of the room. According to the expert artisans at L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc, gray spans a wide spectrum of shades from subdued hues of off-white to rich deep charcoals, to warm purple and green based shades of gray designed to complement all designs and styles of homes.

Modern Two Toned Tuxedo Cabinetry

Traditionally, the color and design of kitchen cabinetry followed a set of conventions that included the upper and lower cabinets matching with the exact same styling, hardware finishes, stains, and paint color. 2017 brings a refreshing trend that includes a more varied approach with upper and lower cabinetry complementing rather than matching. While tuxedo cabinetry may not be the right look for every home, the two-toned appearance can add interest and definition to provide a layered design element to your kitchen space.

Subway Tile Backsplash Colors

Subway tile is a surprisingly affordable design accent that can provide your kitchen with a dramatically new and updated appearance. Patterned tile, including colorful geometric shapes inspired by Mediterranean design influences in shades of bright reds, flaming orange, azure blue and bold yellows work perfectly for backsplashes by providing a creative and cost effective option for homeowners to add a personal touch to one of the most used rooms within the home.

Mixing Silver & Gold Metals with Matte Black Paint

In the past, homeowners would decide on one type of metal such as stainless steel and use it consistently in appliances, hardware, plumbing and lighting to provide the appearance of uniformity throughout the room. In 2017, designers are essentially bucking this trend by moving away from traditional uniformity in favor of a more casual styling by pairing matte black with brass, copper, rose gold, and other metals to create an intentionally warm and dressed down design appearance in kitchens across the country.

Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas

Are you interested in downsizing to a modern minimalist look that provides only the absolute essentials? The naturally casual look of open shelving may be just what you are looking for. Open shelving works especially well in smaller kitchens by providing a compromise between functionality and style along with adding visual interest to the space. Open shelving provides the perfect opportunity for homeowners to display china, glassware, appliances and Knick knacks. Bold paint color can add additional interest and style by providing a focal point in the room.

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