How to Clean Brick Patio & Paver Walkways with Pressure Cleaning AKA Power Washing, Resand & Seal in Bridgehampton, NY

With spring time officially drawing closer, we will soon find ourselves spending more time outside enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of the outdoors and the fresh air. However at the same time, we begin to notice the outside chores that have been neglected while we were tucked away inside during the winter season. Much needs to be done to help create that prefect relaxing atmosphere. One is attending to your walkways and paver stones. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc will share some tips on how pressure washing your paver stones are done.

Materials, Supplies & Equipment Needed to Pressure Clean Pavers

Pavers add motion to our walkways and patios. They bring color, design and most importantly, they are tough and hardy. However left unattended they can become overgrown, covered with dirt, and even discolored over time. To properly clean pavers you will first want all the right tools and materials for the job. Basic materials needed are: a stiff broom, a pressure washer (or a high pressure nozzle attachment for your garden hoses), water, polymeric sand, sealant, and a roller brush. Using a high pressure washer can help break down the tough stains from dirt, dust, grass, leaves and other yard debris as well as spills that might have occurred outside. In most cases, straight water is all that is needed to clean pavers. However if there is a stain from grease, oil or other chemicals, a cleaning detergent might be added.

How to Pressure Wash, Resand & Seal Pavers

When cleaning pavers it is important to use the right settings. Pressure washers can emit a lot of pressure– enough to break down even concrete. When cleaning the pavers with a pressure washer, it is also important not to concentrate on the seams of the pavers. Creating a methodical pattern is also important. Often when pressure washing, you will see a professional pressure washer create a small column or row and clean them one at a time. This prevents dirt or debris from flying onto the clean side of the pavers. After the pavers have been completely washed, the next important step is to reapply the polymeric sand and fill in the seams of the pavers which hold them in place. After the polymeric sand has filled in the seams of the pavers, the polymeric sand will need to be lightly moistened with water. The polymeric sand will need time to harden. Once the polymeric sand has hardened, the sealant or protective coating will need to be applied. Again, a pattern will need to be created to prevent dirt or other debris from flying onto the wet sealant. The sealant is applied with a roller. Use it like you arr painting the ground.

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Cleaning and resealing your pavers every few years won’t just improve the appearance of your yard, but it also helps preserve your pavers and improves their longevity. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. provides pressure washing services that not only clean but also helps fight mold, mildew, and fungus from decaying the surface of your pavers, patio, decks and other surfaces that can be cleaned with the pressure washer. If you need help with any deep cleaning that requires a pressure washer, contact L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc today.

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