Bedroom, Nursery, Baby Boy, Girl Room & Gender Neutral Painting Color Scheme Ideas in Wainscott, NY

Our bedrooms are places we call our sanctuary. Therefore, they should be restful as well as express our own personality. The same goes for our little ones as well. However some look to others to help find ideas for an elegant way to express themselves and enjoy their personal space. This is where L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc would like to share a few ideas to help guide or inspire some creative ways for you to use in your bedroom or even for a nursery.

Bedroom Color Scheme Generator

For those who find nature relaxing and it is part of their personality, consider using a flat green color. One that sets the mood off is “Succulent Leave” with a more natural accent. Trim and furniture painted with “Only Oatmeal” is a great combination. If you want more colors in the room, adding “Beach Bag or Appalachian Trail” adds an earthy and relaxing feel to your bedroom. When multiple colors are used like this paint scheme with several different colors, it is ok to use furniture curtains, or bedding and rugs as the other accents. Too many different colors on the wall, however, can become tacky even though these colors look great together.

Warm Relaxing & Soothing Paint Colors

Do you like more warmth with a cheerful yet restful feel to your bedroom? Here’s a great pallet that adds warmth yet still provides that restful atmosphere. This pallet uses the color of sandy pink called “Subtle Suede” on the wall with a white colored trim. Using other accent colors from furniture, curtains and bedding incorporating a slight gold color called “Brass Mesh” brings more warmth and brightness into the room. Also consider incorporating a dark brown color, but not too much, or you may create too much darkness fighting against your concept of warmth.

Baby Boy, Girl & Gender Neutral Nursery Paint Color Schemes

For those parents designing a nursery but are saving the surprise of whether it will be a boy or girl often use a gender neutral color scheme. Here is a gender neutral color pallet that brings warmth and a sense of nature. When it comes to a nursery, multiple colored walls create energy and stimulate infants. Using light green shades with blues such as “Pitter Patter” and “Goody Gumdrop” for wall color, and consider alternating colors on walls or even floors and ceiling. This helps bring the color together. Off white and blue furniture, curtains, rugs, or bedding look great and playful but not too bold as your goal is definitely a restful feel.

Kids Room Paint Colors

You may desire a bolder feel to match your active child. Mainly used for a boy’s room this color pallet does work for either gender. Again, nurseries with multiple colors create a playful environment. Using a mostly grey color such as “Tortuga” on part of the wall, consider using a reddish color such as “Red Gumball” to create a warmer yet restful nursery on the rest of the wall. Additional colors of whites and black work well for furniture, and other trimmings.

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These are but a few great ideas to bring nature, warmth with a restful feel to your bedroom or nursery. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc loves bringing rooms to life. If you need help with bringing colors into your home, contact L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc today and we will come ready to help you fill your home with color and life.

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