Advantages of Painting Your Whole Home Interior Before Moving into a New House in Southampton, NY

Are you moving into a new place? Applying a fresh coat of paint to an interior can refresh it and make it feel brand new. Should you do it before you move all your things in or after? Its definitely more advantageous to paint before you move in and L.W. Winslow, Painting, Inc will outline why!

Reasons to Paint Before You Move In

1. Easier. It’s a lot easier to paint without having to move furniture around, maneuvering through clutter and taking artwork and pictures down off the wall. Don’t make it more stressful than it needs to be. It’s easier to move freely from room to room.
2. Healthier. Paint fumes aren’t good for anyone. If you paint before you move in you can allow for time to have those fumes dissipate and avoid dealing with toxic VOC’s. The chemicals used in paint aren’t avoidable and even lower levels of VOC paints have levels of toxicity. These toxins cam lead to headaches and nausea. It can take up to two weeks for these fumes to go away completely. If you have the time to spare, paint in advance.
3. Faster. Covering furniture and belongings with plastic sheets can be time consuming, more so if you need to move things around and cleanup will be faster too.
4. Cheaper. Along with reason number three, if the work gets done faster, the job will also cost less. When you use professionals, you can be charged by how long the job takes. Charges for labor make up about 80% of the cost to paint. Getting the pros in before you move will greatly lower the cost of the job.
5. Safer. The chances of spills and splatter are reduced significantly when you paint before you move in. When you paint after you’ve moved in, you run the risk of spills and flecks of paint landing on you prized possessions. It doesn’t seem to matter how careful we are in protecting our belongings, paint still manages to get on them. Keep your belongings out of harm’s way entirely and paint before you move them in.
6. Saves time. Time consuming steps can be avoided when you paint an empty house. No moving, covering and uncovering or rehanging.
7. Makes interior decorating easier. If you haven’t purchased furniture yet, painting before you decide on what to get can set the stage for the décor you decide on. This will simplify the selection you’ll make and save time too.
8. Feels good. Any space will feel fresher, cleaner and more inviting with a fresh coat of paint. It will also help make the space feel like your own. Using top quality paints will allow for better results and easier cleaning for years to come.

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Clearly there are a lot of reason to paint before you move into your new place. Are you ready to paint? L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. can meet with you for a consultation. We have lots of ideas along with professionals ready to tackle any sized job. Contact us today!

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