How Long Does Exterior Paint Last in Wainscott, NY? How to Extend Paint Life Expectancy; Clean Painting Surface, Primer, High Quality Coats & More!

When you pay to have your home painted you want the color and the job to be what you expected. You also want to be sure that the paint is going to last the amount of time that is appropriate. The paint is made to last but not if it is not prepared correctly or if the home is not taken care of after it is applied. The after care is important and it can include having your home pressure washed to get rid of the extra dirt that builds up on the home. The dirt can cause the paint to fade and eventually chip which will lead to needing it done again soon. If you want to extend the life of the paint on the exterior of your home, it starts with preparation before the exterior paint job is undertaken!

L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc Lists Ways to Extend Your Exterior Paint Life Expectancy

Start With a Clean Painting Surface: The very most important way to extend the life of your exterior paint is to start with good prep. You want to be sure that you have a reputable painting company that will remove all the excess paint that already exists. They should also make any necessary repairs to the siding, stucco or exterior material so that any damage is fixed before they apply paint. You also want to look for any areas that will need to be sanded before the new paint is put on the walls.
Paint in the Right Outside Temperature Range: You can have your home painted any time of the year if you want but there is an ideal season and temperature to do it. In the fall or early spring you will have temperatures and weather that are best for painting. You want to be between 60 to about 80 degrees when you are painting. You also want to be sure that there is little to no wind blowing by to cause debris to stick to the fresh sticky coat of paint.
Use Primer Before Painting: You want to be sure that when you are painting an exterior of any sort you ask the painting company to use a primer. The primer is an under layer of paint that is used for many purposes. The first is that it allows for a nice clean and smooth surface for the paint to go on smoothly. It can also help to hide the color of the siding or paint that exists under the new paint to be well covered so that there is no bleed through.
High Quality Coats of Paint: When you are using paint to cover an exterior wall you want to be sure that you use a little thicker coat than you would if you were painting indoors. When the paint is thicker it can add a level of protectant to the house that will help it last longer. You want to use a good quality paint especially if you plan on using a thick coat.
Hire A Professional Painter: If you want the most amount of time out of your paint on the exterior of your home you want to use a professional. A professional is able to do the job right and give it the best chance to last; more so than if you were to do it yourself.

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