Updating & Refreshing Kitchens & Cabinets on a Budget in Your Southampton, NY Home; Paint Color, Painting & Staining Ideas

The kitchen in any home is a place that many people spend a lot of time. Every family meal is planned and prepared there and many of the meals are even eaten there as well. When you think about the areas of a home that mean the most to a buyer the kitchen is definitely high on the list. The space, set up and look of the kitchen has to be great in order to maximize the room. People must be willing to spend time there to want to purchase the house. You can make some changes to your kitchen that can make a big impact and really make a big difference to the flow of the home.

L.W. Winslow Painting Inc. Lists Ways to Makeover Your Kitchen on a Budget

Start With A Clean Space: If you are getting tired of looking at your kitchen and want to make some changes you really need to start fresh. The room is hard to imagine any other way with all your old items out on the counters and your decorations. The best way to really get a great idea and decide what possibilities you have to work with is to clear the space out. It is a great idea to remove all the decorations, painting, and clear off the counter. You can remove rugs and any other items that you would look at and remember your old kitchen. A blank canvas is a great way to start any project.
Kitchen Color & Design Ideas: Now that you have your kitchen all cleared out and the room is empty and devoid of the old look, you can start deciding what to do next. It’s a great idea to look around magazines and other kitchens to decide colors, textures and styles that you like and that will fit your décor and the look you are going for. Get a hold of fabric, color swatches and tiles to determine what looks good together and what you really like. Once you have a list of components and some ideas put together, you can start deciding what you want and where.
Kitchen Paint Color Options: After you have decided on the look of the room, you need to pick the color paint that will best tie it all in together. A new color paint on all the walls is a great start to the project. It is always best to hire a professional to come out and tape off and paint the kitchen to get the project done right the first time.
Paint Or Stain Kitchen Cabinets: Some people don’t choose to replace the cabinets all together and think they are stuck with their same old cabinets. The cabinets can be refinished with a fresh coat or stain or you can even have them painted to match the room.
Add Some Kitchen Accent Colors: Now that you have a base and some colors chosen for the walls and the cabinet,s you can add some pizzazz and fun to the room with some wallpaper or some accent colors for the walls. A professional painter can come in and help determine the best choices for you and your new kitchen.

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