How Many Coats of High Quality Paint on Interior Walls is Too Much in The Hamptons, NY? Painting Light & Dark Colors

When you paint a block of wood, it doesn’t take a lot to get a nice clean and consistent finish. The area that you are painting is small and as long as you use a good brush it will turn out okay. When you are ready to paint an entire room however, it is a different story. Have you ever seen a room painted and start to notice spots that have a sheen or parts that are not the exact color as the rest of the room? That is due to an inconsistent paint job and there are several reasons that could occur. It could be due to some of the equipment that has been used, the technique and/or the quality of the paint itself. There is a very particular way to paint a room to ensure that the outcome is what you want and the finish is consistent.

L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc Outlines What Causes An Inconsistent Interior Paint Job & How to Avoid It

Get High Quality Interior Paint: The paint you are using may have been purchased from a home improvement store. You might buy a color and save the name or number of that particular color thinking if you run out you can run back and get some more. The problem is that even though it is the same color it was made in a different batch and it could be slightly different. The difference will show up if you use it alongside the other color that you might have bought a few weeks earlier. The way to get the best matched paint is to buy the paint at the same store at the same time. That is why you need to know how much paint will be needed which may be hard to determine. If you hire a professional company to do the painting for you, we are able to measure out the room and purchase the right amount with no problems.
Don’t Switch Paint Cans Mid Wall: The other problem is that the paint cans can have a slight difference from one to the next. The best way to make sure that you don’t see these differences is to stick to the same can of paint for the entire wall that you are working on. If you are getting to the end of the can and are about to start a new wall maybe leave it aside and label for touch up work on that particular wall. You can then switch to a new can to start the next wall. Each can should be labeled and left with a small amount in the bottom so that each of the walls can have some touch up done when it is needed.
Paint the Same Number of Coats on Each Wall: You also want to make sure that you use the same amount of paint on each wall. It may be hard to know how many coats are necessary until you get started so be ready to count. Make sure that if you put two coats of paint on one wall you need to do that on each of the walls. That will help with the same consistent overall finish. Light colored paint usually needs two coats while dark colors may need three or four coats.
Hire A Professional Painter: If this all just seems like too much to keep track of and figure out you can hire a professional painting company. We have the equipment and the paint to make sure that your house is painted and the finish is exactly what you wanted; a beautiful clean and consistent finish.

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