How to Paint & Decorate a Small Studio Apartment On a Budget in Sag Harbor, NY; Stripes & Painting Beyond White Interior Walls!

When you are searching for a place to live in NYC, it won’t take long to realize the price tag that comes with living there. You may find that you can only afford to live in a small space. Many people find themselves living in studio spaces that are cozy and more affordable that other larger apartments. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. would like to talk about the process when choosing paint colors for a studio apartment, and how color can change the feel of your apartment.

Don’t Treat the Studio Apartment As One Cube Room

When you live in a studio apartment, you don’t want to make the mistake of treating the room like one. You may live in a convertible or alcove studio that gives you a little more space to work with, and can be divided by a screen or other temporary walls to create more than one space. You can use colors to divide your apartment into different zones as well, to help distinguish what that space is used for.

White Isn’t Your Only Option for Interior Walls

When you are choosing your paint colors for your studio apartment, you may think that you have to choose white to make the room appear larger. This is a common misconception. Some people think that if you don’t have very much furniture and you paint walls white, it will magically transform your apartment into this roomy, airy place. While white and other light neutrals are a common choice for small spaces, you don’t have to stick to them. You can add other colors as well, and still feel like you have plenty of room.

Dark Color Gloss Paint Sheens

If you decide to choose a color pallet that is on the darker, warmer side of the color spectrum, you want to avoid the color absorbing all the light, leaving the apartment feeling small. You can counterbalance this by choose a glossy finish rather than matte. The gloss finish will reflect the light, so the space doesn’t feel small.

Use One Paint Color on Interior Walls

Rather than having each wall in your studio a different color, sticking to one color throughout will help the room flow better. You can use color to create different zones in your studio without doing it on the walls. You may want to use colorful accents to help differentiate the living spaces in your studio apartment. When the walls are all one color, it helps open the space and make it feel larger than it really is.

Decorating With Stripes on Walls & Decor

Whether it is in curtains, or an accent wall in your studio, don’t discount the power stripes have in elongating a space. If you don’t want an entire wall in your home painted with stripes, you should definitely consider painting the ceiling a lighter color than the walls to draw the line of vision upward, helping create a spacious feel in your home.

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If you find yourself stuck trying to decide what colors would be best for your NYC studio apartment or other dwelling, LW Winslow Painting, Inc. can help you make the right choice! With years of experience with color and interior painting, we can assist you in choosing the best color to put the finishing touches on your studio apartment.

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