Painting a Ceiling in Wainscott, NY; Decorating with Bold Paint Colors, Ombre Design & More

Using it as an essential element of their planned changes for the space, today’s designers refer to the ceiling as the “fifth wall”.  Especially concerning an open-floor plan, give the house a sense of flow, painting the ceiling is an excellent way to tie the room in with an adjacent room.  Painting the ceiling to bring in color from other rooms compliments the overall design without eliminating décor as well.  More spice can be added to the room.  Making the room seem larger, a color can be ideal, and even black ceiling gives an elongating look.  To elaborate on why you should consider painting the ceiling, we at L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc would like to assist.

Ceiling Design Element 

It is not commonplace yet as this is a new trend.  To the room’s design the trend continues to increase because of the versatility it provides and is a complementary partner. 

Decorating with Stripes on Ceiling

Giving an illusion the room is longer, thick bold stripes on the ceiling will capture the eye up along the length of the room.  Stripes are a perfect solution if you are especially looking for a vintage feeling.  You can modernize the look, this classic look never goes out of style, and with the right colors. The deep green with a butter yellow will give you a 50’s nostalgic feel and a light sandy brown with rustic red will give it a country atmosphere for instance. 

Bold Ceiling Paint

The throw pillows or even the shelving color offer the room balance by matching the ceiling among other accessories.  Two different elements of the room will be unified together. Use trim for an unexpected break in color or paint the blocks you create different shades of the same color. For children’s rooms and the block toys will only reinforce the style you are trying to achieve, using primary colors is especially good.

Blend Ceiling Paint

Add in a small amount of white paint into the same color as the walls for the ceiling.  You can achieve the ever popular ombre look.  You can create a comfortable blended effect as well as a striking appearance.   For soft presentation, the gradual change in color is fluid as it blends the ceiling and floor. 

Dark Black Ceiling

The dark colors painted on the ceiling has the opposite effect as for seemingly small spaces, most feel that painting the ceiling would make the room feel more enclosed. By painting the walls, the same dark color as the ceiling, you get a sense of more space without every detail being highlighted.  With dark blue being a popular choice and expands your perception of the room, this technique is especially effective for rooms with a low ceiling. 

Elegant Ceiling

Paint the ceiling a bluish grey and the walls a lighter but complimentary color with a dramatic flair giving you some real elegance.  Frame the ceiling with white trim and hang a chandelier for an extra special touch.  The bluish tint and trim on the ceiling can give the room a sophisticated design when you prefer the reverse ombre.  

Playful & Colorful Ceiling Designs

Without the mess, consider painting a wallpaper design to offer the look of wallpaper.  You can get a very majestic, open look as the walls look like they are extended all through the top center of the ceiling, giving a high-rise ceiling effect with the right application. 

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