Painting the Entryway in Montauk, NY; Most Popular Foyer Paint Colors

The entryway is the first area guests see when they come inside your home.   There are a number of possibilities as to how you can paint the room.  Depending on if the area is enclosed or part of the open-space as well as a number of other factors dictate the application.   When homeowners set out to get the entryway painted, they are often faced with the decision to pick their colors of choice. From warms, cools, and neutrals; there are many options.   To help narrow down the choices, you can first consider the mood you want to set, such as warm and friendly, elegant and sophisticated, or cool and relaxing for example.   In any case, we at L.W. Winslow, Inc would like to share a few ideas on painting the entryway.

Calming & Relaxing Entryway Paint Colors  

As cool suggests, working with the cool palette is known to promote a relaxing atmosphere.  Blues paired with white can be especially calming, mix in a dark chocolate brown and even cool beige’s, and the entryway will have calming effects, and still be a modern, yet visually striking greeting to you and your guests. 

How to Style a Welcoming Entryway 

Reddish browns, cream whites, caramel beige’s, and dark warm browns for a bold, yet charming coloring can keep the room together.  With these color combinations, the entryway can be a warm and inviting environment that can help make your visitors feel more at home and comfortable.  

Elegant Foyer Entrance Ideas

Neutrals with contrast is one of the best ways to establish a classy, modernized style.   Whites, blacks, and grays are wonderful options, and you can add just a splash of any color you love to add your unique flare and incorporate a playful element.

Best Entrance Hallway Paint Colors for Your Home

These are just the basic ideas for your entryway.   Professionals in the painting and interior design industry suggest coming up with a color scheme of 3-5 colors that involves the walls, floors, ceilings, furnishings and accessories.   Too many colors can make any room feel busy and chaotic, and too few can make a room feel sterile and boring.  Keeping in mind the colors that are already present in the entryway plays a factor into the colors you choose for the walls, trim, and/or accent.  For example, if you have light colored floors, and a dark area rug, or dark brown wood furniture in the entryway, keeping the walls lighter and complimentary to any color in the rug is ideal if you intend to keep the existing accessories.  No matter what colors you optimally choose, remember to ensure they compliment each other, stay away from clashing colors as well.  The entryway is usually the most basic of all the rooms and making it overwhelming can be off-putting and uncomfortable. 

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When it comes time to painting the entryway, save time and money and invest in a professional interior painting service.  With L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc you can count on high-quality paint with superior application.  Call L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc today and let our professionals help you plan and execute your entryway painting project. 

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