How to Patch Small Holes & Repair Cracks in Drywall & Sheetrock on Walls & Ceilings in Southampton, NY

When you have damage done to the walls in your residence it can leave your home looking run down. The damage on your walls is most likely the drywall that is used to cover the framework. The drywall is a lightweight board that is used in almost all home construction. The drywall is easy to work with and can be repaired if there is any damage. The board is not super sturdy so when you fall into a wall or you knock into it with a piece of furniture you may end up with a hole or dent. Drywall damage will often require repairs that are called drywall patches. These repairs are offered by construction companies that perform drywall services. If you have damage to your drywall you should know what goes into the process of repairing it so that you realize the importance of hiring a professional and not attempting to fix it yourself!

L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc List the Steps That Are Taken to Repair Damaged Drywall in Your Home

Prepare to Fix Damaged Drywall: The first step in repairing the damage to your drywall is to remove the damaged area. This is only necessary if you have an actual hole in the wall. If you have an area that is just a small dent or a puncture hole you may be able to skip this step. The area that has a hole needs to be cut away and removed. Most people choose to cut out a small square or circle around the damage. That makes fitting a new piece in easier. Make sure that you only cut just big enough to remove the damage. The smaller the cut out the easier the repair tends to be. Once you know the size of the space that needs to be fit you can cut out a new piece. The piece should fit pretty snug so you are using the least amount of spackle as possible.
Use Drywall Mesh or Joint Tape On Edges And Seams: The next step is to use a particular kind of tape to seal up the edges and the seams. You can use two different types of tape. One of them is called paper tape and the other is called fiberglass tape. They are used to cover the seams and corners of the repair so that you can then use spackle to secure it. If you are not trained in using these tapes you want to be sure that you hire a professional to do the work for you.
Spackle the Drywall Repair: Make sure that you use spackle for the rest of the repair. The spackle is a lot like a putty that is smeared over the seams and the edges and left to dry. The goal is to use just enough spackle to cover the space and not much more. You are going to want to allow the spackle to dry all the way then you will sand it down. This step is an extremely important part of the process since it is when you are blending the new patch with the rest of the wall.
Drywall Texture & Paint to Match: The last part of the repair is to texture the wall. It takes the eye of an expert to know what technique was used to get the original texture. There are several ways that the texture is added to the wall and it is pertinent to have the patched area match the rest of the wall. Now you are ready to paint. Make sure that if you choose to just paint the patch it is matched up. It is a lot easier to match if you just paint the whole wall.

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