Popular Interior Design Styles in Westhampton, NY; Painting Modern, Contemporary Style & More

There are so many different interior designs that offer variety and your personality.  Implementing them into your home can be hard if you are not all that familiar with the different motifs.  Finding something that is unique but still presenting charm and beauty is not as complicated as you might suppose.  Below, we at L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. would like list a few of the more common interior design trends to give you a basic idea.

Contemporary Style in Interior Design

Contemporary design attracts many homeowners with the casual atmosphere provided by the wide open space, minimal and simplistic accessories as well as few practical furnishings.  Neutral colors are used when painting a home with the contemporary design in mind.  More often than not, the walls are painted in tones of white, cream, or light beiges; one can add sophistication with a variety of grays and go bold with accent wall or trimming in black.  Bare flooring options, like hardwood or concrete, paired with contrasting walls will make the room pop while still instilling the contemporary interior design.  When selecting your colors, keep the majority of walls painted in soft and neutral when painting and add subtle complimentary colors in brighter or colorful hues for the limited accessories.

What is Farmhouse Interior Design?

Cabin inspired for modern style, the Farmhouse design focuses on traditional elements.  Rustic accessories encompass the Farmhouse design; for flooring options, furniture use, and accessories keep in mind the weathered materials and country antiques.  When selecting the right paints for the walls, opt for mostly beiges or creams, white is also acceptable.  For trimming or accent walls use weathered turquoise and pale yellow to break up the room.                           

Elements of Industrial Design

Brick wall textures, distressed wood applications, exposed air ducts and pipes are the general idea when utilizing the Industrial design; it combines rustic, vintage, and weathered characteristics.  Painting the walls in subtle cool grays, neutral colors, or adding the red brick texture for an accent wall will help you achieve the Industrial style.  Vintage furniture, metal surfaces clean painting lines and rugged vintage ornamental techniques are acceptable. 

Modern Style Interior Design

Like contemporary, modern design includes minimal accessories, practical furnishings, open spacing, clean, and uncomplicated as well as other characteristics that separates it from contemporary design.  Painting the walls in neutral colors is key. The color most often associated with modern design is white.  But soft colors are used as accents break away from the sterile and plain environment; pale pinks, blues, yellows, greens, oranges, or other earthy tones all work.  Wood or concrete flooring or even simple and basic solid colored carpeting is acceptable.  Paint the walls to flow with the color of flooring.  

Nautical Style Interior Design

The essence of a beach house is captured when using the nautical interior design. The colors selected for painting should encompass the relaxation, warmth, and serenity these beach homes and even cottages deliver.  Accessorizing with sailboats, seashells, and other ocean-oriented accents are incorporated into the unfinished wood surfaces and chic upholstery to really harmonize the décor.  Painted primarily in neutral colors like the white, pale beiges, creams, and even grays are ideal to portray the nautical design with the liberal use of a variety of blues for accent walls and trimming.

What Kind of Style is Scandinavian?

Scandinavian adds gentle contours, playful accent walls, and a soft blend of engineered and natural materials that are incorporated with the characteristics of modern style such as the opens spaces, and minimal furnishings and accessories.  White is the primary color, but neutral tones are acceptable and paired with bright colors to capitalize on your playful nature will complete the Scandinavian interior design of your home.

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No matter what style or design you want to use in your home, L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. can help you with a number of services to achieve your ultimate goal.  Call us today to schedule your consultation. 

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