Preparing & Painting Exterior Wood Trim in Westhampton, NY; Cleaning, Masking & More

The United States is in a holding pattern where many states have ordered residents to stay inside and away from the public. Social distancing is the best way to reduce the amount of interaction you might have with someone that is infected with COVID-19. The spread of the virus has gone quite far and wide and at a very fast rate. With more and more people staying home from work and no kids going to school means that there is time to do some of your spring cleaning and home improvements. Many people want to make sure that they clean up the weeds, wash the exterior of the house and do some upgrades to the homes exterior while the weather is nice. One area of the house that can use some touch-up and upgrade happens to be the trim. The trim can start to look battered and weathered and painting it is a great way to upgrade the look of your home. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc outlines what you need to know about painting your home’s exterior trim.

Cleaning Wood Trim

When you are looking to have the trim around your home painted you need to make sure you take all the necessary steps. The first step you want to take is to make sure all the trim has been cleaned off. You can do that by using a power washer to clean the area around the house. You can also get on a ladder and make sure that any old flaking paint you can see it coming off is taken all the way off the trim. You want to be sure that the surfaces you are wanting to paint are clear of dirt and debris so that the paint has a clean surface to adhere to. Once you have cleaned the area you want to make sure it is dry before you start any of the next steps.

Covering & Masking Before Painting

Now that you have the area prepared and ready for paint you need to take some time to cover the home. You can use plastic to lay over the rest of the home such as plants, landscape, vehicles and more. You also want to make sure you cover the windows as well so that they are not dripped with paint as well. You can use painters tape to help make sure that the paint lines are clean and precise.

Painting from Top to Bottom

Now that it has been covered and prepped  you can start the painting process. You want to make sure that you have all the tools that you need to paint such as the right paint brushes and the right amount of paint. You want to make sure that  you start high and work your way down the house to ensure that you do not bash into any of the newly painted areas.

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