Preparing Wood Siding & Other Exterior Surfaces for House Painting in Quogue, NY; Wear Painters Clothing, Fix Peeling Paint & More

So, you want a quick, clean and successful paint job. Well, the key to achieving this is preparation. Too many people just jump in with the hope they will simply get done quickly and cross off one more thing on the ever present “to do list.” However, when it comes to painting jobs, and especially when it comes to exterior painting, you will find with preparation you will save more time and effort. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc will share few preparations tips for exterior painting projects.

Painters Clothing & Workwear

Your first step for proper preparation is to prepare yourself. Exterior painting is a very messy job. You will want to have proper clothing and protective goggles. Wear clothing that you don’t mind disposing of or getting messy with dirt, paint and even water. Some will even use jump suits for painting. Additionally, you might be doing some scraping. This is when you especially will want to wear protective goggles or eye wear. However you should always wear them to protect your eyes from paint and debris.

How to Wash & Clean Walls Before Painting

Your next step is cleaning the surface you are painting. If you are doing the whole outside of your home, you will want to spray it down. Your main goal is to wash away all of the dirt that will surely be on the exterior of your home. It is important to clean off all the dirt or either the paint won’t stick or it will leave bubble like holes everywhere. Sometimes a pressure washer is used for more efficient and quicker cleaning. However, a regular garden hose will also work. If you’re painting wood siding, check for mold or other fungi and use a detergent that will kill the molds, mildews and fungi. Same goes for the brick or stone covering on the outside of the home.

Fix Peeling Paint & Make Other Needed Home Repairs

Many times old paint will begin to peal or chip away. Make sure to wear your protective goggles and scrape off the old paint. You can use a paint stripper to help remove more of the older paint for a cleaner, more professional looking paint job. Whether you paint wood paneling, trimmings, or the stucco walls, you will want to look for any repairs that are needed. Stucco may have cracks or holes that need to be filled in, or wood panels may need sanding or replacing. For homes with the wood trim under the roof, you may need to sand and repair it before repainting. Also use paintable exterior caulking glue to fill in or re-secure any gaps or cracks that may be found on the outside of your home.

Apply Painters Tape & Mask Areas Not to Be Painted

The last and final step to is tape off the edges of coving, windows, doors, and other areas you don’t want paint to get on. You can use regular painters tape to mask off the edges and even hold the covering in place. After you have cleaned, stripped, sanded and scraped the outside of your home and covered and taped of all the edges, you’re ready to begin painting.

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Follow these few steps and tips to prepare your exterior painting protect. Keep in mind there are no short cuts for repainting your home inside or out. Make sure to prepare first. If you find you’re unable to undertake this task yourself due to physical or even time limitations, L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc can provide exterior painting services to help you with this task. Contact L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc to schedule your home make over today.

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