What Can Pressure Washing Clean Around Your Home in Watermill, NY? Siding, Roof, Deck, Brick, Concrete & More

When you go out and take a walk around your home you may notice there is dirt and debris that is building up on the surfaces. If you want to use a hose to wash some of it away it may look a little better but there will still be dirt set in. There are many surfaces that can have dirt, dust and pests hanging around and the best method to clean them is professional pressure washing. You may be wondering what a pressure washer can really do around your home. It may surprise you the many areas that can benefit from pressure washing services.

L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc Lists Areas That a Pressure Washer is Able to Clean Around Your Home

Siding: The exterior of your home is often times made of siding. The siding can be pre-painted prior to being installed on your home or it can be painted after the fact. The siding can be made from many different materials such as aluminum, vinyl and even wood siding. There are other houses that have stucco as the main exterior texture but no matter what you have dirt is building up. Each time there is moisture in the air and the wind starts to blow the dirt is attaching to the siding or stucco. The dirt and sediment can eventually cause trouble and damage to the paint so pressure washing not only makes the house look nicer it protects the paint as well.
Decking: If you have a deck around your home or even a small patio you should keep it clean. The deck is usually made of wood planks and sealed with some type of clear coat. The clear coat does help to protect the wood but the dirt, debris and pests can cause damage to the wood. The pressure washer can come out and clean off the deck to remove any harmful debris as well as leave it looking great to enjoy.
Roofs & Gutters: One of the areas that many people are unaware of the amount of dirt and debris is the roof and the gutters. The roof is the first area that leaves and dust settles and it should be cleaned off on a regular basis. The gutters are the drainage unit that is used to keep water from congregating on the roof and around the home. The gutters can easily be full of gunk that can stop the water from flowing. The pressure washer can not only take care of the debris that is on the roof but can also clean out the gutters as well.
Driveways, Walkways & Concrete: Most homes have a concrete driveway that leads to the garage. Concrete can be stained with tire tracks, oil and dirt from every day use. The walkways also can have stains from spills, shoes and kids playing. All of these kinds of dirt and staining can be removed with a professional pressure washer.

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Pressure washing is a great way to have your house looking great and increase the curb appeal as well as add value to the sale price of your home. Contact L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc for all your pressure washing, painting and more!

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