Priming, Painting, Staining & Refinishing Furniture; Tips & Ideas in Wainscott New York

Everyone enjoys a DIY project from time to time, and revamping old furniture is a relatively good place to start. Repainting an old dresser, or a few chairs or a table could be a rewarding and delightful experience.

L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. would like to offer some tips and advice to help you create a perfect furniture repaint job that will make you proud.

Hardware. If applicable, remove the all the hardware and place them in sandwich baggies. Mark where they came from so putting everything back together at the end is a breeze. A lot of folks generally reach for the painting tape and mask it off. But, to ensure no smudges get onto your hardware, and every nook and cranny needs to be precisely painted. This could be a good opportunity to clean the hardware thoroughly and polish them for extra shine.
Stripping. Many people are prone to skip this step in lieu of applying a coat of primer. Where primer is a good choice, stripping off the old paint can make the overall outcome of your repainted furniture look more professional.
Repairs. This is the time to make needed repairs. Wood filler is a good tool for any gouges or small holes. Apply to the blemish and make sure it is smooth and as even to the surface as possible. Allow to dry thoroughly and sand the area until smooth.
Texture. Primer and paint works best when the surface has lightly been roughed up with sandpaper.
Wipe. It is wise investment to have tack cloth handy to remove all dust and debris following up each process, with a good wipe down. Including sanding, primer (after it is thoroughly dried) and painting (after it is thoroughly dried). By doing so, you keep the grainy texture out of your paint.
Primer. A lot of folks try to cut corners and skip the primer. Always paint on the primer. It will prove to be a rewarding finish on your furniture. For best results, apply a thin layer of primer, let it dry and lightly sand the top. Wipe down access debris. Repeat the light primer, dry and lightly sand, follow up with a good wipe down.
Paint. Instead of applying one thick layer of paint, it is actually a superior look to paint on 2-3 light layers of paint. Thick coats tend to peel sooner. Weather and dust are enemies of thick coats of paint, causing cracking and grainy textures. Lightly paint a layer, and gently sand after it has completely dried. Be sure to wipe down each time, and repeat 2 or even 3 times. Doing so will give a professionals touch and beautiful results.
Finish. Once you are satisfied and it has thoroughly dried, apply a non-yellowing water-based polyurethane protective finish.
Complete. Now it is time for the cherry on top and to replace your freshly cleaned, finely polished hardware. Allow the paint to dry for 24 hours before replacing the hardware. For the best results, allow paint to cure 5 days.

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If you don’t have the time, experience, knowledge or inclination, know that L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. has the skill and expertise to repaint any furniture pieces you would like. Give us a call today!

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