Tips for How to Prepare your Southampton NY House or Business for Exterior Painting

A new coat of exterior paint on your home can increase your home’s value and curb appeal while all at the same time giving you a new since of pride while parking in the driveway. Painting the exterior of your home may seem like an easy task to take on by yourself, but keep in mind that there are specific steps that must be taken to avoid major mistakes that result in chipping paint, paint bubble, paint running and other unsightly issues that you do not want on the exterior of your home. Properly painting the exterior of your home will ensure that your house looks its best.

Pressure Washing Cleaning your Home or Office

One of the first and most important steps to take when preparing your home for exterior paint is to clean the exterior of your home. Mildew will thrive under a fresh coat of paint and fresh paint will not adhere to an exterior that is dirty, dusty and grimy. It is most important that you wash the exterior of your home before laying down a new coat of paint. Avoid using a harsh cleanser on the exterior of your home. It’s best to hire a professional pressure washer to clean the exterior of your home.

Paint Scraping Tips

If there are any areas on the exterior of your home that have flaking paint, it is important that you scrape off the loose paint. If you paint over flaking paint chips, chances are your new coat of paint will also become flakey as well. Use a paint scraper to remove the loose paint and prepare the exterior of your home properly for its new coat of paint. Never use an open flame to burn off loose paint flakes; this will potentially cause a major house fire. A paint scraper is an effective tool when used properly that will ready the exterior of your home for new paint.

Sanding a House Exterior

If there are rough spots throughout the surface of the exterior of your home, you can lightly sand these areas down until they are level with the rest of the exterior. Painting over rough spots will only make them appear to be even rougher than they were before, as you are adding an additional layer on top of them. Be sure to not push hard when you are sanding, as it can leave sander marks on the exterior of your home that cannot be covered up by paint.

Professional Interior & Exterior Prepping & Painting in Amagansett, East Hampton, Southampton, Wainscott, Bridgehampton, Montauk, Sag Harbor, Shelter Island, Watermill, Westhampton & The Hamptons New York

The best way to prep and paint the exterior of your home is to call in a professional. L.W. Winslow Painting Inc. will properly prep the exterior of your home for paint in no time and paint it with a beautiful new coat that will leave your home looking like new.

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